Wife says it’s below husband’s status to have his birthday dinner at Golden Corral.

When we want to eat out, we all have a favorite restaurant. However, does one’s social standing or position matter when dining at any restaurant? After reading this story, do you believe the wife is justified?

Source: Reddit

My husband grew up lower middle class to poor and the biggest event to the year was they would save up and go to the buffet restaurant Golden Corral to celebrate birthdays. In a really good year they would go twice, one for the summer birthdays, one for the winter. I would go when we were first married and to be polite I will say a cheap processed food buffet not my cup of tea. Luckily we moved to a place with no Golden Corral so I was able to sidestep the issue for the past several years.

We moved this year for my husband’s promotion and now have a Golden Corral in town. He wants to eat there for his birthday dinner this Friday. We have kids and he’s now a sales manager, I feel very strongly that for a man in his position Golden Corral is not an appropriate choice. I don’t want to set the example to my kids that we have to shovel as much food in as we can since it’s a “special occasion.” I shudder to think what his employer would think.

I was telling my mom thinking she would side with me and she was actually furious with me saying that she thought she raised me better than this. Her comments are why I’m asking here. Am I A Jerk?

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