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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Celebrate the Birthdays of ‘Spectacular’ Twins Harper and Gideon.

The twins of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are enjoying their golden birthday.

Harper Grace and Gideon Scott turned 12 on Wednesday, commemorating the significant occasion when they reach the age of their birthdate (Oct. 12).

The Uncoupled star, 49, posted adorable photos of himself cuddling each of his children on Instagram, along with a thoughtful comment commemorating the significant milestone.

Twelve years old! Harper and Gideon are without a doubt the two best things that have ever occurred to him, he expressed. They make him laugh, enable him to be an imperfect dad, and inspire him with a love he never thought could exist.

Despite the fact that parenthood is “all-consuming” and “the most continually tough thing David and he have ever done, the How I Met Your Mother alum believes his children are “so, so worth it.”

They are incredible. They are his kids. They are his universe, he said, adding, he is extremely proud of who they have been and who they are becoming, and is so glad to have them in his life.

Burtka, 47, posted an image of the twins standing together on his Instagram page. Harper looks effortlessly stylish in black trousers, a bright teal t-shirt, and a black leather jacket, while Gideon goes for a white t-shirt with a black happy face spray-painted on it and a pair of jeans.

Happy 12th GOLDEN Birthday to these amazing children! He cannot believe how quickly this has all occurred! “the chef sent a letter. He is really pleased with how they are evolving.

They are nice, kind, empathetic, artistic, and have a fantastic sense of humor. He is honored to be their father, and is excited to watch how the next 12 years unfold.

He couldn’t have asked for finer children! #goldenbirthday#12on12

Earlier this summer, during an appearance, the Broadway star discussed his children’s hobbies.

While Gideon enjoys gaming, Harris claims Harper has discovered a new passion for horror films, something the actor isn’t sure he should be enjoying.

Harper desired to know the scariest movie Harris had ever seen after viewing It and Stranger Things. He was hesitant to respond since he knew she’d be watching whatever he said. The preteen ultimately got the better of him, and his reaction was The Shining, so she requested to see it.

After the film, Harris asked Harper what she thought of it, and he was astonished to hear her respond, She is moderately disappointed, followed by, that’s the scariest movie he has ever seen?

Despite her demeanor, Harris admitted that Harper had slept in their bed for like the last four nights.

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