Father Informs His Daughter Why He Killed Her Stepdad. Finally She Found Peace.

Child abuse is never okay. It is a terrible reality that innocent children are mistreated all around the world. Some of the criminals are never apprehended, resulting in the tragic death of a kid. However, read the story to know what happened to the step father who molested his daughter.

Source: Reddit

So I am now a 28 year old woman with a two year old daughter that I love more than life itself. My father died yesterday. He had testicular cancer that abscised to his brain. It went rather quickly.

When I was 10 my stepfather abused me, physically, sexually. Any way you can imagine. My mother turned her head and when I told her slapped me and told me I was lying. My stepfather disappeared one night.

This is a small town in Indiana. Roughly a 2000 population town. He went out to the bar and never came back. He was missing and he was never found until about 5 years later his remains were found in the local quarry.

My dad told me yesterday that he did it. I asked him what happened to my stepdad and he said “there was no other way”.

I’m at peace with this I think. Looking at my 2 year old now and thinking of what my mother did is unimaginable. I just need to let this out and move on.

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