Father loses both legs while saving young daughters from snow blower accident during ski trip.

A family of four was enjoying a vacation at a prominent ski resort when the next two members were battling for their lives.

In mid-December, Dave Miln and his wife Clare were on a ski trip with their two young kids when tragedy struck.

A motorised snow blower crashed with the couple as they were driving their 3- and 1-year-old girls to ski lessons. Dave, a veteran of the Australian Defence Force, put himself on top of his daughters to keep them from getting pulled into the machine. While their youngest was unharmed, Dave and the couple’s oldest were severely injured.

Dave and Isla entered the machine, according to a GoFundMe page. It took rescuers an hour to extricate Dave.

He was awake the entire time.

He was taken to the hospital, where it was decided that his wounds were too serious and that his legs would have to be amputated.

Dave is not only a double amputee, but he also has multiple shattered bones as a result of the event. He’s undergone ten operations since then.

Isla, his daughter, has been healing alongside him.

She broke both of her legs and her pelvis, necessitating three operations. She could require more in the future.

Dave was medically transported to his home country of Australia, where he is still recovering. Meantime, his wife and two kids have returned to Sydney, where they are all recovering from the severe catastrophe.

Isla is still in her wheelchair, yet she looks to be gradually returning to her former self, smiling more and expressing herself a bit more. She is such a courageous and determined little lady, said Tsen Bogan, a family friend and GoFundMe organiser.

The GoFundMe campaign has so far garnered more than $70,000 AUD. The money will be used to make the required improvements to make Dave and Isla’s lives simpler.

It’s terrifying how quickly life can change. Let us all pray for the Milns.

Please spread the word and hope for their recovery.

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