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Kelly Preston died 3 yrs ago, now John Travolta focuses on raising their kids in mansion with airport.

Travolta grew into one of the century’s top actors throughout the years. Along the road, he found the love of his life, with whom he built a great family.

Following a proposal in the Palace Hotel restaurant in Gstaad, Switzerland the previous year, John Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1992.

On September 5, 1991, the pair married in a private ceremony at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris.

Kelly was born on October 13, 1962, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and worked in the film business like John. She studied acting at the University of Southern California and began her career in 1985, performing in films such as Mischief, Twins, Jerry Maguire, and For Love of the Game.

Preston also had some modest television parts over her profession. In 2018, she appeared in the film Gotti, her final cinematic performance. Kelly died in July 2020 after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was 57 years old.

Kelly had kept her condition a secret, it turned out. Sally Phillips, her co-star in Off the Rails, which was her final film role, revealed on the British chat programme Loose Woman that they didn’t know anything while filming.

Travolta stated that he will be spending time with his family during the grieving period, notably his kids, Ella, 22, and Ben, 11. Jett, his first kid with Kelly Preston, died at the age of 16 from a seizure.

Travolta and Preston had 3 kids together and were married for 19 years before her death. It’s logical that he wouldn’t be ready to move on so quickly less than a year after her death.

Travolta, for one, isn’t prepared to start dating anybody just soon. Travolta, who has kept a low profile, spoke out about his grief journey in an interview.

He has learnt that grieving somebody is personal, Travolta told. Grieving process is personal, and only one’s own path will cure one.

This is not like anyone else’s path. The most essential thing one can do to aid someone who is in sorrow is to let them live their lives without interfering with one. That has been his experience.

Travolta is no stranger to heartbreak. Jett, his oldest kid with Preston, died of a seizure in 2009, leaving him with an even more sad tragedy in the family.

Jett was autistic, had Kawasaki disease, and battled from seizures. Travolta was crushed by his son’s death.

Travolta now concentrates on his family and becoming a dad, after Kelly’s death. Travolta stated after his wife’s death that he would be taking time away from his business to concentrate on his family, and he has fulfilled his promise.

One of his most famous on-screen appearances in the last year came in a Super Bowl ad with his daughter Ella. The commercial allowed Travolta to show off some of his legendary dancing talents while still having fun with his family.

Losing her mom was heartbreaking for Ella Bleu, as it would be for anybody. She has, though, been following in her dad’s footsteps in the acting industry, and her dad has been quite encouraging over the years.

When Ella, 22, earned a role in Get Lost, a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, John Travolta gushed over his beautiful daughter. He posted a photo of her kid dressed as Alice in Wonderland on Instagram.

The 68-year-old single father also frequently posts photos of his 11-year-old son Ben, who has blonde hair. On Father’s Day, the Saturday Night Fever star spoke out about becoming a dad.

Travolta stated that he wants to support his children as much as possible.

John Travolta lately chose to sell his Maine vacation house, where he, his kids, and Kelly spend a lot of time together.

Travolta purchased the Maine mansion after his marriage to Kelly in 1991. The 10,000-square-foot property was listed for $5 million in 2021. It was built in 1903, and it has 20 bedrooms, a beach and open ocean access, and an in-ground pool.

However, the price tag appears to have been too much, and Travolta clearly desires to sell their holiday house. It was reintroduced to the market in 2022.

Today, it appears that The Pulp Fiction star spends the most of his time at his Florida property. Travolta’s most renowned and stunning residence is located in Ocala, Florida. The 550-acre property, which has six bedrooms, includes two aeroplane runways that link straight to his front door.

Travolta, a flight enthusiast and trained pilot with a 737 aeroplane licence, was among the first to buy land in the premium gated enclave in 2001.

He also revealed a peek of his family life as he travelled the world with Ella and Ben.

The issue is how long Travolta will maintain his prized aircraft estate, which also contains a function space for up to 400 visitors. It was listed for $10.5 million in 2019.

According to listing agent Bartow McDonald- what makes Jumbolair unique is what lies beyond the runway. It is the power to go to any location in the globe from one’s own backyard.

We’re very sorry for all the Travolta family has gone through recently, but we’re pleased John is doing well and has discovered some serenity in his grief.

It is critical to allow yourself time to grieve and recover. It is necessary to be alone, but it is also necessary to be encircled by exceptional individuals.

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