Father Of Highland Park Shooter Says He Doesn’t Regret Helping Him Legally Purchase Guns

The father of the accused Highland Park Fourth of July parade gunman says he has no regrets about assisting his son in lawfully obtaining firearms, even the one used in the killing spree.

The shooter’s dad, former Republican mayoral candidate Robert Crimo Jr., claimed he expected his son, Robert Crimo III, to use the guns at the shooting range. He explained that he bought everything himself, and they’re all registered to him.

The dad sponsored his son’s gun licence application, allowing Crimo III to lawfully purchase four firearms. This was true despite the fact that the 21-year-old had been on the radar of police officers since 2019.

That was the year police were summoned to Crimo III’s house after he threatened to kill family members. Following the event, authorities seized several guns from the then-teen. They took the shooter’s sword, dagger, and 15 knives.

His dad called the event a childish tantrum and equated his son’s weapon collection to his baseball card collecting.

Crimo Jr. did not hold himself culpable despite assisting his son, who had also tried suicide, in purchasing weapons of war. He added of people who believe he was involved that they make him look like he trained him to do all of this. He lived here his entire life, and is going to stay here and keep his head held high as he didn’t commit a crime.

Crimo Jr. also stated that he loves his son but is “extremely upset” over what he did. He demands that Crimo III suffer for his actions. He wants a long sentence for his son. 

Crimo Jr. added that such is life. One is aware that actions have repercussions. He made a decision. He was under no obligation to do so. Clearly, he believes there is mental disease present.

Regardless of what the shooter’s father claims, the residence had received over two dozen police calls. Police were summoned in April 2019 after the shooter attempted suicide with a machete. Despite the fact that authorities believed Crimo III posed a “clear and present threat,” he was allowed to lawfully acquire AR-15-style weapons.

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