Father Of Seven-Year-Old Girl Files $1 Million Lawsuit Because Teacher Cut Her Hair Without Permission

Jurnee Hoffmeyer, a 7 year old interracial girl, went to Ganiard Elementary School in Mount Pleasant, Michigan in March 2021. The little girl came back home sad that another schoolchild on the bus had cut her lengthy wavy hair devoid of her consent.

Jurnee’s dad, Jimmy Hoffmeyer, filed a complaint with the school’s principal and went to the hair salon the very same day to get her hair cut and shaped fit enough and did tell her that no schoolchild was forever permitted to touch her hair all over again. Jurnee’s father is also an interracial and her mom is white.

Just after the little girl came back home from school saddened with her hair cut once more and this time, it was her teacher. It made Jurnee’s father angry enough and the tale has made big news all over the country and has been reaping ample attention.

Jimmy has gone to the extent to file a $1 million court case against the Mount Pleasant Public Schools District, a librarian and an educator’s associate in September 2021 and he look forward to get justice for his daughter and raise attentiveness about the circumstances.

The court case claims ethnic discrimination, cultural bullying, emotional pain, assault and battery and that Jurnee’s legitimate civil rights were dishonoured.

Initially, Jimmy stated that he wasn’t certain if race played an element in his daughter’s hair getting cut devoid of her permission but prominent that both the student and teacher involved were white however Jurnee is interracial and the school district is also mainly white.

The Mount Pleasant Public Schools Board of Education set up that the educator who cut Jurnee’s hair had decent intents but did acknowledge that they still disrupted school rule as the assistant cut the girl’s hair without receiving her parents’ consent.

Though the school panel lead an enquiry and establish that there was no racial unfairness but Jimmy clarified that the district not once asked him or his daughter on the issue.

Jurnee now joins a new school.

Do you approve this dad filing a $1 million claim against the school district where his daughter’s hair was cut devoid of consent? Do let us know your thoughts and be certain to pass this to your known ones to discover what they think.

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