Groom Sister Criticises Bride Decisions, But She Says It Her Marriage And Know One Can Make Her Feel Guilty.

To bring all of your closest friends together to mark the end of your single years, the ultimate bachelorette party requires a lot of planning and preparation. But what would you do if you plan everything and the party is canceled due to the bride’s change of plans. How would you react? Read the story and let us know what are your thoughts on this.

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My brother (27m) is getting married to his fiancé (27f) in September. I (35f) was asked to host and plan the bachelorette party with the bride’s other future sister-in-law, Becky (38f). The party will be a four-day event in August. Becky and I were asked to take over planning when one of the bridesmaids dropped the ball. I was also asked to host the party at my house – which is out of state for everyone. My house and my vehicles will be used. There will be a total of six of us at the party.

Becky and I have been planning this 4-day event for the past three months. We have bought party favors and gifts, collected funds from all attendees, made reservations for fun activities, put together an itinerary, etc. We have spent a lot of time, energy, and funds prepping.

There have been a few times I’ve turned down plans or friends visiting the weekend of the party because this is on the calendar.

The bride called me and Becky yesterday and said her grandmother’s beach house in her home state has become available that weekend and wants the party to be there instead. She says it’s closer for the guests (four of the six of us) and is where she wanted it originally. She said her cousin (who originally dropped the ball) will take over the planning. The bride says she’s been thinking about this for the past month and didn’t want to loop us in until she officially decided.

When she shared this, I was a bit frustrated, and I told her cancelling something like this for a different location was basically pulling the rug out from our feet and being inconsiderate to the fact that Becky and I a) were asked to take over planning, b) already had everything lined up, c) have spend time and energy coordinating with all guests, etc.

Am I the AH for calling the bride out on this and calling her decision inconsiderate? The bride said her decision should be hers to make and that she shouldn’t be made to feel guilty. To this, I feel as though she should feel guilty. I do see her side, but her decision to completely change things that have already been in the works for a few months to make a very special 4-day trip … seems crappy. Thoughts?

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