Father of teen who fell to his death from theme park ride says employees were RACIST

The dad of a Missouri teen who perished in March after falling off an Orlando amusement park ride alleged his son’s death was “swept under the rug” by park managers as he was black.

Yarnell Sampson, addressing at a news conference in front of ICON Park’s Free Fall attraction on Monday, claimed his family has not been handled fairly in the aftermath of his death.

He explained he didn’t want to bring up the race. However, he thinks that his kid is being treated unfairly since he is a black young man. It would have been different if it had been a European youngster.

Tyre Sampson, 14, was thrown from the ride at great speed and killed from blunt force injuries after slamming with the pavement below, according to an investigation.

According to Yarnell Sampson’s lawyer, Ben Crump, the impact lacerated numerous of the boy’s internal organs, according to the article.

His father, who stated his son’s swollen face was practically unrecognisable at his burial, chastised both the ride’s maker and ICON Park for neglecting to permanently close and demolish the attraction, as well as for neglecting to erect a permanent monument at the location.

While an inquiry is underway, the ride is temporarily suspended indefinitely. He added he refused to let this go unnoticed since his son deserved better.

Sampson also claimed that a party was held in the park near the site of his son’s murder over the weekend, which he deemed insulting.

An examination into the event, which was caught on film and went viral following Sampson’s death, revealed that the talented football player had greatly surpassed the ride’s weight restriction.

His family said he had been turned down for prior rides due to his weight.

A Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services investigation discovered that a safety belt on the ride had been altered to fit Sampson’s stature.

Crump stated on Monday that a lawsuit is currently filed against multiple companies, such as the ride’s manufacturer, the Slingshot Group, and that other defendants are being explored.

Crump added that these firms cannot get away with putting profit ahead of safety. To Slingshot Group and ICON Park executives, you cannot simply brush this under the rug as if Tyre Sampson’s death is unimportant.

The teen’s dad claimed he missed hearing his son’s customary Father’s Day phone call on Sunday, which was made much more difficult since it fell on his own birthday. He went on to say that Sampson was an excellent student with a bright future ahead of him.

The father added, everything was pointing to his being amazing. He also has talent. He was able to rap. He was a magician. He had a lot of other things going for him outside football. So why isn’t his life important?

The Slingshot Group, according to a lawyer, is working with the family, including Sampson’s mother, Nekia Dodd.

“We continue to interact and collaborate with members of Tyre’s family, as well as the Department of Agriculture,” lawyer Trevor Arnold said after the autopsy results were released. “We are committed to working with our legislators to implement long-term safety measures in the amusement park business.”

Florida authorities seek to enact legislation that would require past safety problems to be considered before awarding new ride placement contracts.

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