Woman Leaves Her Wedding Gown On Porch Of Cheating Husband’s New Girlfriend, Asking Her To Enjoy Her “Secondhand Goods”

A heartbroken wife who asserts her love-rat husband fled with her long-term pal retaliated by putting her wedding gown on their doorstep, along with a message greeting his new lover to her ‘secondhand things.’

Karen Dineen, 57, of Essex, claims she was upset when she discovered her husband Terry Lovell, 53, was having an affair with her 25-year acquaintance Carol Mitchell.

The pair had been together for 19 years and interacted with art instructor Carol and her then-husband, as well as Karen and Carol’s kids.

Karen alleges she believed Terry was having an affair for months before exposing him, and the marriage split up as soon as she saw the private communications on his phone.

So, when she stumbled upon the wedding gown she had worn to marry Terry while cleaning out their house, she chose to gift it to her former buddy.

‘Hey Carol, I know you adore secondhand stuff, so figured you would appreciate the dress I wore when I wedded your guy,’ Karen said in a mocking remark. ‘With love, Karen xx.’

After putting the message through the front door, the disappointed wife drove the strapless cream dress to Carol’s house and dumped it on her porch.

Karen added that he’s the devil’s spawn. He’s a piece of garbage. He never stated, “Karen, I don’t love you anymore, I don’t want to be with you.” That would have sufficed. That would have been shocking, but not as shocking as this. They were her friends, and when she met Terry, Carol’s husband became his buddy. It’s terrible.

She assumes they’re still together. He’ll gradually chip away at her.

She spotted the bridal gown while packing her house and thought to herself, “she can f***ing have this.” She knew there was nothing they could do after leaving a bridal gown and sending that message through the door. She was trembling with enthusiasm like a child at Christmas.

She has nothing to conceal. For 25 years, that bird was her buddy and she had been with him for 19 years.

She has been single for four years. She replaced him with a chihuahua, who is cleaner, more devoted, and more faithful. According to her, she got the better end of the bargain. Win-win.

She does not miss, adore, or desire for him. It was all over as soon as she saw those text messages. She  could tell it was finished.

She would have had more regard for him if he had come to her and said, he don’t love her anymore and  does not want to be with her

It was treachery. Neighbors and friends were aware of it but never informed her.

The mother-of-two alleges she first suspected her husband of cheating after noticing him getting dressed up in the evenings before making reasons to go back to work.

Karen thought Terry had another woman after she discovered invoices for two identical bottles of her perfume but was only handed one, coupled with a £700 ‘guilty’ diamond ring for Christmas.

Karen figured out Terry’s phone password and stole it while he was in the shower, locking him in the home and drove away to read the private communications.

He modified his phone’s pin number, which is another red sign, Karen recalled.

Karen has relocated and tried to distance herself from Terry and Carol since their breakup in 2015.

Karen paid for a deed poll to alter her surname from ‘Lovell’ to her maiden name ‘Dineen.’

Karen explained she didn’t hear from Carol after she left the wedding gown because she changed her phone number.

Don’t be angry, get even. Wait till he displays his true colours, she was thinking. Carol has no idea what she has gotten herself into. On the opposite side, the grass is always greener.

However, she changed her name. Karen Lovell has been replaced by Karen Dineen. It was less expensive than obtaining a divorce.

Terry responded when asked for comment, saying, ‘Ask [Karen] what she’s like to live with, and you could get a true explanation on why people cheat on her. When you ultimately get in touch with her, advise her to have a life. What percentage of individuals have affairs every day of their lives? Every day, people have affairs.’

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