AITA for telling my stepsister she and her dad are not the best thing that ever happened to me

Losing a father is painful and not easy to overcome. However, to move ahead is not easy but it’s important. Read the story of a daughter who lost her father and had to live in a blended family. Read the story to know what happened and let us know what are your thoughts about it.

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My mom married my stepdad Luke 4 years ago, but they have been together for 7 years. Luke has a daughter Jana who is 15 and I’m 16. My dad died 18 months before mom and Luke started dating. Jana’s mom died when she was an infant. She was always more into the blended family than I was. She was so excited to have a mother figure and a sister. I struggled with it, a lot. My mom got me therapy which did help somewhat but I know she hoped therapy would help me be fully all in on the blended journey. She’s never pushed but I know she has said stuff like it would be nice if I saw Jana as just a sister instead of a stepsister and if I accepted Luke as a second dad.

I would say Luke and I get along better than Jana and I. He’s pretty chill about me not seeing him as my second dad. He does give me the vibe that he wishes I loved Jana as a sister but he’s not a dick to me. I would say Jana and I get along 65% of the time. Jana has always said her dad marrying my mom is the best thing that ever happened to us. It always bothers me because it’s not true for me, and I have pointed out before how I had to lose my dad to get into the blended family, but she sees it as worth the sacrifice. In 2019 she and I got into a heated fight over a concert.

The concert landed on the anniversary of my dad’s death. She wanted us to go all together. I didn’t feel up to going on that day. I’m never in a partying mood on that day. She called me a sourpuss (she got in trouble for that) and she told me it was like I regretted what I have by looking backward. Stuff like that grinds my gears. My mom has told me to ignore it because she doesn’t have the same experiences I do, since she never knew her mom.

The other day she was going on about this sh%t again and made a comment that I never act like this is the best thing ever. She was less hyper about it and sunshiney than usual so I told her it’s because this isn’t the best thing to ever happen to me. She told me she knows she and her dad are the best things that happened to me and my mom, just like we were that for her and her dad. I said they weren’t the best things to happen to me. That they could never be because getting them meant I had to lose my dad and I would never have chosen for this to be my life. That I would always choose to have my dad back, if I could.

She got upset, cried about it to her dad who told her she needed to see it from my perspective. Then she got mad. Then Luke and my mom told me I should have left it alone because Jana is freaking out about what I said. Am I a Jerk ? What are your opinions? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance.

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