Woman Is Applauded For Leaving Her Boyfriend On The Side Of The Road After The Argument.

Every girlfriend and boyfriend has ups and downs in their relationship. At times one may not agree with their partner’s point of view. Read the story to know what happened between the lovers and let us know whose side you are on.

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I am 26 female and my boyfriend Nick 27 male have been dating for almost a year and something that has always bothered me is how Nick does not believe in maintaining or taking care of his vehicles.

Background: To give some context Nick bought his car brand new about five years ago and has put about 70,000 miles on the vehicle. Since purchasing the vehicle he has never had an oil change nor does he do any kind of regular maintenance. I would like to clarify by saying Nick’s refusal to maintain his vehicle is not due to any kind of financial insecurity, Nick has an incredible job that pays him very fairly. As a hobby and side job, I like to restore vehicles for a profit, I am by no means a mechanic. I mostly clean up the vehicles, do bodywork and paint restoration. However, I do have a pretty fundamental understanding of cars and I know how to do the basics.

Story: Nick called me yesterday on my day off and told me he was about 10 minutes from my house and that he had a flat tire and asked if I could come to help him out. I grabbed my tool bag and headed out. When I got there Nick did not only have a flat tire but his front left rotor was cracked (rotor is part of the car’s breaks) and his rim was bent to hell. I was telling Nick that his car was undrivable and that he needed to call a tow, Nick started arguing with me telling me that it was just a flat tire and that it was not a big deal.

I tried showing Nick how bad the damage was but he insisted I was overreacting and that he just needed me to change the tire. I refused and in Nick‘s own words I started mothering him on how poorly he takes care of his car. The argument got heated and Nick lashed out at me and started saying things like “Just because you have a set of pink tools and watch YouTube doesn’t make you a f$%^ing mechanic.”

After Nick said this I started to pack up my tools and told him that he was right, I’m not a mechanic but that he should probably call one because I’m not changing his tire. I left Nick on the side of the road and he refuses to talk to me until I apologize for abandoning him. Did I go too far here?

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