Father of Two Surrenders His AR-15 Gun Following the Uvalde Shooting | “It’s the Only Thing I Can Do”

Following the Texas school shooting, a dad handed up his AR-15 rifle to officials.

Former Marine Ben Beers grew up shooting firearms and learning about gun safety. He stores his weaponry, including a custom-built AR-15 rifle, in a safe now that he’s raising two daughters in Oregon. However, prior school shootings have prompted Beers to reconsider his gun ownership, and the current mass shooting in Uvalde has made matters worse.

Salvador Ramos, 18, began shooting at Robb Elementary School, killing 19 students and two instructors. Beers voiced his grief, saying, with AR-15s in the news all the time it made him wonder, why do he keep them in his house? He has never used them for self-defense, and they represent pure evil and devastation to him. He was up all night, tossing and turning, weeping and shivering the night he learned of the Texas shooting.

A day after the Texas gun massacre, Beers submitted his AR-15, 9mm pistol, and ammo to the Hillsboro Police Department. Beers stated that he made this choice from his intuition and heart. It’s all he can do, he explained.

He no longer wants them, he remarked in a TikTok video shot outside the department. He said he knows this will have no effect on laws or gun culture in America. But, perhaps, it will be a type of symbolism, and America will wake up since no country has the same problems they do with gun violence. Almost 200,000 people watched Beers’ TikTok video in only a day.

@benji5811 Turning in my guns to have destroyed by Police. #uvalde #guncontrol #koin6 #texas #teachersoftiktok #portlandpolice #parentsoftiktok #shootings ♬ original sound – Ben Beers

He remarked, perhaps, all wake up soon and realise what needs to be done. This is just a concept. Guns, and the Second Amendment rights, are not as important to all as the lives of his children at school. He said he is quite aware that he could have made thousands of dollars from this, but that’s the issue. Guns already have a disproportionate economic impact in our nation. It’s already a significant moneymaker, which is the cause of the issue.

According to Hillsboro Police Department Sergeant Stewart Kelsey, Beers used a long-established business that accepts weapons or ammo from residents. He stated that these weapons are turned over to the property-and-evidence section, and that “guns are turned over to a local firm that melts them into slag using a blast furnace.”

According to the department’s Sergeant Clint Shrz, it might be a family death, and somebody has left them a handgun that they don’t want in the house, and they opt to turn it in to them. It occurs once a month on average.”

Beers thinks that by the time his two girls reach adulthood, availability of firearms in America will be different.

Beers stated, “I’m sick of hearing that a military-grade AR-15 is the same as a hunting rifle – it isn’t. I don’t have any money or influence, but if I could just do one thing, it would be to get rid of this… I want a more secure future.”

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