Wounded Uvalde teacher who lost 11 kids in his classroom: “I tried my best”

Arnulfo Reyes, a teacher at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, revealed his terrible account of being in the classroom during last month’s horrific shooting that killed 19 kids and two instructors. He expressed on Tuesday that all 11 of his pupils were murdered in front of him.

Reyes, who is enduring many operations after being shot twice on May 24, described the terrifying day, stating they were watching a movie in the classroom after attending an awards ceremony earlier that morning when they heard the gunshots. He recounted ordering his pupils to crawl beneath the table. Get beneath the table and pretend all are sleeping, echoing the technique they had received during prior mass shooting training.

However, Reyes claimed that no amount of preparation could equip him or his pupils for what was to follow.

He claimed, ‘everything occurred too quickly. Training, no training, all kinds of training – none of it prepares you for this. We taught our children to sit beneath the table, and that’s what I thought of at the moment. But we made them look like ducks. You may educate us all you want, but nothing will improve unless the laws change.’

Reyes also attacked the police reaction on the day of the shooting, criticising Uvalde school district police chief Pete Arredondo’s choice to retreat and wait for more weapons before entering the building. The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Steve Mcgraw earlier said that this decision was taken under the notion that the shooter had been apprehended. He has later recognised that he made the incorrect decision.

Uvalde teacher wounded in shooting describes moment gunman opened fire in his class

EXCLUSIVE: Arnulfo Reyes, teacher wounded in Uvalde shooting, to Good Morning America: “I will not let these children and my coworkers die in vain. I will not. I will go to the end of the world to not let my students die in vain.” Arnulfo Reyes spoke exclusively with ABC News while still hospitalized. Read more from his interview:

Posted by ABC News on Tuesday, 7 June 2022

During the encounter, Reyes said he could hear cops outside and a youngster screaming for help in an adjacent classroom. He recounted being instructed to stand up after Border Police entered the classroom and fatally shot the gunman, but he was unable to do so owing to his wounds.

When questioned about the police reaction, he stated that he feels more irritated since the cops have a bulletproof vest. He didn’t have anything. They are meant to guard and serve. Their crimes are beyond justification, and Reyes will never forgive them.

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