Fears for Tom Hanks’ health as he appears unable to control his shaking hand

Tom Hanks caused alarm among his admirers earlier this month when he looked to be trying to keep his arm from trembling. The 65-year-old is now promoting Baz Luhrmann’s biography of Elvis Presley, in which he plays the singer’s manager.

Luhrmann, who was born in Sydney, planned for an Australian premiere to be hosted at Gold Coast, which is 50 miles south of Brisbane and where the filming took place.

Austin Butler, 30, who plays The King, attended the June 4 event alongside Hanks.

‘There is no finer spot on the planet to create a motion picture than right here on the Gold Coast,’ he remarked, holding a microphone in his right hand and left hand in his pocket.

‘I’ve made films in Morocco, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, and Berlin. They don’t have what the Gold Coast has, and what is that?’ Just two words. ‘None of those other cities have Dan Murphy’s,’ he remarked, referring to the booze shop chain.

‘What a man, who I came to know fairly well,’ he applauded.

Hanks attempted to control his shaking hand by positioning his left hand at the bottom of the microphone, underneath his right. He also made a brief effort to exchange hands.

The crowd, on the other hand, did not seem to observe as Hanks pleased them by proclaiming, ‘We had an incredibly great time with you all.’

There’s something about the humans and the environment of the Gold Coast that makes all stroll about with a confident expression on their face. We had a hand in it. Your self-assurance, excitement, and love for life shine through in our film.

You have a beautiful proactive golden son in Baz Luhrmann who loves Australia more than kangaroos, more than Dan Murphy, he continued.

In Saving Private Ryan, Hanks notably played a Second World War veteran suffering from PTSD, whose hands trembled noticeably owing to the extreme stress he had suffered.

Captain Miller, played by Tom Hanks, informs Sergeant Horvath that the shaking ‘comes and goes.’

‘You might have to find a different line of employment,’ Horvath responds. This one no longer seems to agree with you.’

After the Australian premiere, Hanks returned to the United States, where the film was shown on June 11 at Graceland.

The only reason she is here because it’s been done well, Lisa Marie Presley remarked of Luhrmann and Butler’s renditions of her dad’s narrative.

She was fairly little at the time, but she remembered her dad’s enthusiasm and mood.

‘And Austin, he rocked it, what’s the word?’

She compared Butler’s accomplishment in the role to past efforts at Elvis on screen.

Throughout terms of people depicting her dad, it’s been one letdown after another in her life. Bless their hearts, she sure they had good intentions.

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