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Fed-Up Customer Takes Out Shoplifter At Walgreens: ‘I Am Way Bigger Than You And I Will F*** You Up!’

Businesses have been compelled to hike prices and even shut shops as shoplifters become more brazen as a result of legislation that burdens retailers while protecting criminals. One guy, though, became so weary of witnessing robbers escape punishment that he resolved to deliver it himself.

A customer spotted and started filming a shoplifter stealing bottles of medications off the shelf and placing them into a backpack while shopping at a Walgreens in Alameda, California. Enraged by the thief’s bravado, the customer, who wished to be identified only as “Kevin,” urged a passerby to videotape what he was going to do.

Kevin, adamant not to let the culprit escape, chased him out the door and challenged him, forcibly preventing him from leaving the Walgreens shop.

Kevin dragged the guy to the ground and immobilized him, preventing him from fleeing. He then sat on top of the suspect, who cried, “Leave me alone!” Kevin then called for onlookers to contact the cops.

Just when Kevin thought he had the situation under control, a suspect’s accomplice heard his friend’s calls for aid. In an effort to release his comrade, the second suspect approached Kevin from behind and placed him in a headlock.

The second suspect’s effort to restrain Kevin didn’t bother him. Kevin grabbed the guy and pushed him down on the pavement in a second. Sadly, the culprits were able to elude him and depart by automobile. But, the item was left behind.

Regrettably, Kevin’s attempts may have been in vain. Walgreens declined to pursue the defendants, and he was reportedly facing serious penalties for physically assaulting them.

Kevin, on the other hand, believes he would do it all over again. For him, the principle of the issue is more important than the repercussions of acting. He deserves justice, no matter how it is delivered.

Authorities in law enforcement advise against confronting shoplifters or undertaking a citizen’s arrest. They don’t want individuals putting their lives in danger for goods, and they emphasize that even well-meaning consumers may face consequences for becoming involved.

Worryingly, Walgreens has rewarded shoplifters by declining to prosecute them. Maybe if more consumers went elsewhere, Walgreens would recognize that enabling crooks to rob from them is bad for business in more ways than one.

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