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Deaf baby is overwhelmed with emotion upon hearing her mom say ‘I love you’ for the first time.

Baby Charly was born completely deaf, yet her response to hearing her mom’s voice for the first time has touched people all around the globe.

Christy Keane recently shared a video on YouTube of her kid hearing her voice for the first time after receiving hearing aids.

Christy begins the video by welcoming her daughter many times.

“Hello,” she says to the infant.

Charly instantly breaks into a beautiful little smile. But, when Christy repeats the greeting, her daughter gets overcome with emotion.

She has never seen that expression before, Christy remarks.

Hearing has given Charly a whole new set of facial expressions.

The situation rapidly gets emotional. Christy, still in her baby voice, inquires: “Are you emotional? You’re going to make me cry.”

We can hear the intensity in her voice as she speaks, and it seems like Charly is really emotional, overcome with joy by this new experience. Christy inquires once more: “Are you gonna be emotional like your momma?”

Before adding: “You’re so sweet.”

Charly smiles at that remark as well. Christy continues to speak, telling Charly how much she loves her and becoming more attentive and smiling once again.

Charly had one of the largest smiles you’ll ever see on a newborn at one point.

While the video itself does not provide much context, it does give a link to Christy’s Instagram account, where we may learn more.

On the Instagram account, there is also a post of the same video from a different viewpoint. Christy stated in the post that they were unsure if Charly would hear at all, even with the implants, making the occasion even more thrilling.

Some of the responses to the initial Instagram post are incredibly touching. Chrisross76 told the tale of his hearing-impaired younger brother, who is now 37 years old. Chris couldn’t stop himself from sharing the footage of Charly hearing for the first time. He also informed Christy that the world had changed and that Charly should not expect any difficulties, even naming a girl in his class who had her own sign language instructor.

There are also other comments conveying delight after seeing the video and wishing the family the best.

Christy maintains her Instagram account often, both for Charly and for her elder sister, Cameron.

Christy posted this picture with a text describing all after the video of Charly hearing for the first time went viral.

She writes in the caption that Charly (Charlotte) was “born completely deaf,” and they had no idea why since there was no family history of hearing loss. They eventually obtained her hearing aides and they were expecting ZERO answer, so imagine their astonishment and happiness when she responded with such sincere passion.

Christy and her husband are also learning American Sign Language and will look into cochlear implants for Charly when she is old enough, according to the caption. They are grateful for their support network, and they are certain that Charly will feel loved, valued, and perfectly normal!

We also get some extremely nice pictures of the family thanks to Christy’s Instagram account.

Christy wasn’t feeling well in this one, so Charly and Cameron were both snuggling with her. It’s a cute snapshot that demonstrates their affection for one another.

Click the video below to see the touching moment for yourself!

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