Mom Upset By Teacher’s ‘Warning’ On 7-Yr-Old Daughter’s Homework.

A seventh-grader received criticism for writing her name in cursive. Alyssa, who was only known by her first name, submitted homework that was all about vowels.

Stop writing your name in cursive, her teacher replied, writing in red pen at the top of her lesson page. You have received numerous warnings. 

The image of the child’s homework that was shared on Facebook in September 2015 by a friend of the child’s mother quickly gained popularity.

Brenda Hatcher, a Facebook user, posted the image along with the remark, “Share this everywhere… Alyssa is 7!!! ” Her mother not only served in the military but also found the time to teach her small kid to write in cursive.

Apparently, Kansas is where the event took place. Hatcher’s post received a lot of feedback from those who thought the instructor erred by reprimanding the student, while others argued that the student “ought to obey directions.”

It’s unknown who the teacher is and what school this incident took place at, but Hatcher identified the mother of the child as Gail Varney in the post’s comments. I emailed her teacher and CC’d the principal along with a photograph of it, Varney wrote under the photo. Still awaiting an answer.

According to the teacher’s comments, the girl had previously been told not to write her name in cursive. According to reports, Alyssa was seven years old at the time, meaning she was probably in the first or second grade. ‘The instructor claims she can’t write in cursive since the other students don’t know how to do that yet,’ Hatcher stated in response to why the teacher has such a problem with the style of writing.

In 2013, a 10-member board overwhelmingly adopted new handwriting requirements for public schools, stating that pupils must be able to write legibly in cursive by the end of the third grade.

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