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VIDEO: Female Cop Savagely Beaten, Watch The Reaction From Citizens.

After two individuals savagely attacked a police officer and his female colleague, startling camera evidence was acquired. The two cops are shown being thrashed by two males in tracksuits and hoodies in a video captured on a cell phone and shared on Twitter. The suspects repeatedly kicked and assaulted both male and female cops.

The male assailants took the police officer away from his patrol vehicle and kicked him. The female cop attempted to move them away from her colleague. Unfortunately, she was defeated when one of the suspects booted her to the ground. The culprit almost pushed the female cop under a bus, much to the dismay of onlookers, when he landed a flying kick to her chest.


A guy in his automobile filmed the video at 7:55 p.m. on a Saturday night as music played in the background. It is likely to have happened in Merton, southwest of London, where the murder count reached 122 during the same weekend as this tragedy. Maybe more frightening than the violence is the public’s response to seeing an officer being brutally pummeled.

Not only are dozens of individuals observed going by without stopping to assist the cops, but a bus is also shown driving right through the pandemonium, almost collapsing a fallen officer, without pausing to act. Even more repulsive, the video was shared on Twitter with the description, “South London at night. Lol.” I doubt the social media user would be “laughing out loud” if the police concerned were their family members.

Passersby disregarded the attack until one gallant moped rider, wearing a helmet, jumped in to help. The police officer was able to pull the assailant off of him and hold him down with the assistance of a good Samaritan. A 20-year-old male was detained and charged with committing actual bodily harm (ABH) and assaulting an emergency services worker, according to a Met Police spokeswoman.

After being stopped by police, the suspect was additionally charged with driving without a license or insurance. According to the police, two more individuals were engaged; however, only one is seen in the camera clip. They were still at large at the time of publication.

Police Officer Kung-Fu Kicked Towards A Speeding Bus, And The Man Who Filmed It Is Under Fire For Not Helping

This police officer was kung-fu kicked towards a speeding bus… and the guy who filmed it is getting flak for not helping

Posted by Vocativ on Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Although the Twitter user who submitted the video seemed to find it amusing, other social media users did not. “It’s beyond me how people can find this funny… and to film it and not even bother to help!” one person wrote, adding, “These people would be the first to ask for services when needed!” Another user had similar feelings, writing, “Not even the slightest bit funny.” If it were the other way around, there would be street rioting. Have some respect,” one person said, while another added, “Shame on you for recording this and not attempting to assist.”

This is not a humorous affair, and no one would think it amusing if the positions were switched. Unfortunately, this is becoming a global issue, as police officers are not just ridiculed and abused for the outfits they wear. However, law enforcement officials are also individuals. They are entitled to the same human decency and respect that the general public demands of them. Without a doubt, an unjustified assault on an officer is an attack on civilized society. This kind of disorder should not be condoned, let alone laughed at.

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