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“Malformed” dog dumped again & again by families: Eventually one hero makes everything right.

Lucky had little reason to be happy. All of his owners and families had ignored him; none were eager to show him the affection he required.

Lucky, who was born in a puppy factory, never found someone who wished to adopt him. He was eventually given away for free.

What’s the reason? Lucky had a deformed face and did not resemble other canines.

Lucky spent his life being moved from place to place, never residing in one area or having the opportunity to show himself. He was often given away for free to the next owner since no one wanted to keep him for long.

Lucky has had many owners throughout the years, but none of them have fully responded to his requirements. He most recently stayed with a family in Austin, Texas, but he was terribly mistreated and abandoned.

Lucky had to remain outdoors 24 hours a day since the family’s cats didn’t appreciate him being there.

He was abandoned in the yard, chained to a tree, with no food or a safe place to sleep. Being fussed over, or receiving the care and attention that a dog may normally get in a household, was out of the question.

When the family chose to relocate, the decision was taken without hesitation to get rid of Lucky.

They called a local dog shelter. Volunteers from the shelter started seeking a new home for him, while Lucky was left with his ‘family’ until they relocated.

Eventually, a new family that had agreed to foster Lucky adopted him. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for them to alter their minds; one glance at Lucky’s expression was enough to convince them to abandon the plan.

Thankfully, a social media post changed everything.

One of the shelter’s volunteers groomed Lucky, who then posted a few pictures of him on social media.

A post ultimately caught the notice of Jamie Hult, who immediately requested to meet the dog.

Jamie stated that it just happened to be someone in her dog rescue world, so she contacted him right away and said that she wants that dog, not to foster it; she wants to adopt that dog.

Sadly, Lucky was in poor health. He suffered from malnutrition, among other things, after years of cruelty and neglect. He had fleas and worms, and he had never been microchipped.

Jamie, on the other hand, chose to bring him home. It would be difficult, but she would do it at any cost.

Lucky received his permanent home thanks to Jamie. He was finally given the affection and attention he had craved for so long.

Lucky has made a complete recovery and is now enjoying life as a healthy dog, despite the ordeal.

Jamie was so determined to save Lucky that she was willing to go to any length to ensure his recovery.

Lucky was able to turn things around with the aid of vets and Jamie’s great heart. He’s presently doing really well!

Jamie has received some disparaging remarks about Lucky’s appearance since adopting him. She doesn’t mind; she loves Lucky for who he is.

Jamie even chose to rename Lucky. She changed his name to Beaux Tox for two reasons.

She called him Beaux Tox since he plainly looks like he needs botox, which is OK. We value beauty in all of its manifestations. And the dog costs are exorbitant, which is why she doesn’t have botox!

Lucky seems to be a happy and friendly dog. He looks after his younger sister and has assisted Jamie in raising the kittens she adopted.

She is grateful she got Beaux, and they still rescue and foster, Jamie said at the end. He’s raised kittens. Beaux Tox can handle anything. He gets along well with kittens, baby skunks, and cats. He’ll spend an hour watching the tarantula. Everything fascinates him. Everything is thrilling to him.

What a touching adoption tale, and a perfect illustration of why you can never judge a book by its cover. Just because an animal differs from the others does not make it any less worthy of a chance in life.

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