Fiancee, 23, insists she’s not a gold digger after falling for millionaire, 56

A lady has disclosed that she is engaged to a millionaire twice her age, but she is not with him because of his 11-bedroom home or extravagant lifestyle.

Allana Luke, 23, has developed feelings for law firm owner Jeff Winn, 56, and even goes clubbing with Jeff’s daughter Nina, who is her age.

The Newcastle-upon-Tyne pair met on Tinder in October 2020 after Allana expanded her age range from 25 to 60. She stated she was frustrated with people her age, and a picture of him standing outside the rebuilt home piqued her interest.

Jeff invited Allana to his house for a meet-up, where they sipped champagne and ate venison stew before hitting it off.

Jeff, who also has a 21-year-old son named Josh, claims he and Allana have been together since their second date in Marbella, where he purchased her diamond earrings for her birthday.

The pair was only scheduled to remain in Spain for a week, but decided to stay for 17 days and even admitted to falling in love during the trip.

Allana expressed that there are no games with an older man. They don’t disguise their emotions. On vacation, they slept together for the first time. His age had no bearing on anything. 

There’s no doubt Jeff appears a lot older than she does, which causes folks to roll their eyes when they meet them. They immediately believe she is just another lady seeking his money.

She added that she does not hate them; that would be her first reaction as well. But even if Jeff lost his house and went bankrupt, she would still remain with him.

Since the pair met in 2020, Allana has been pampered with the best things in life, such as an Audi TT, a Rolex watch, and fashionable handbags. The couple has also taken luxurious vacations to places like Barbados and Thailand.

Allana first resided in a council apartment in North Shields before moving into Jeff’s opulent house, which was once a ladies’ school.

Jeff employs a full-time cleaner, an estate manager, a bartender, and three gardeners.

Allana currently works as his personal assistant and assists with estate planning. After Jeff proposed with a 3.4ct solitaire sparkler, she asserts on signing a prenup before they married.

The 23-year-old claims to have met Jeff’s ex, who she says is “cool with everything.” Her mother is “overjoyed” about the wedding and relates her to Julia Roberts in the film Pretty Woman.

Individuals who meet them, according to Allana, notice they are a terrific fit with plenty of humor and are always laughing.

She even stated that all of Jeff’s pals have observed how much healthier and happier he is since she came into his life. It’s encouraging for her to hear.

Jeff claims that he is well-known in Newcastle as a result of their age-gap love, and that many individuals high-five him.

He claims, however, that they are simply jealous, and that Allana has a beneficial influence on his life.

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