‘I’m a full time mum and trolled for my “filthy” house – I’m just doing my best’

With little children running about, most parents find it challenging to maintain their homes neat and organized all of the time. And one mother of two has responded to critics who have called her home ‘dirty.’

Nirvana-Paris, from the United Kingdom, lives in a one-bedroom council house with her family of four, and, like many parents, she lacks adequate storage for all of her family’s essentials.

She displayed her kitchen in one TikTok video, which had a lot of food and other odd stuff heaped on top of the fridge and worktops, leaving no space left.

People were eager to tell the mom what they felt of the video, with one writing, “In the time you spent to produce this TikTok, you could have sorted the garbage on top of your fridge.”

“Clean your place… grotty,” said another.

“You really need to tidy your house,” a third added, “because it’s causing me a lot of worry.”

Nirvana’s response was that she is not being impolite, but she does not care what her house provides the viewers. She is a full-time mother of two smaller kids, so they get her whole attention during the day. Mum spends a lot of time cleaning at night.

She stated that there was a lot on her counter since there weren’t sufficient cabinets, which she couldn’t replace. She has to live in it every day, and that worries her.

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Other mothers rallied to her support, with one writing: “It’s just a mess, which is understandable given the lack of cabinets. My kitchens are identical. There is no room because it is so little.”

“I have five children, so you may clean everything well and photograph it. The following day seemed to have been ravaged by a storm,” another person commented.

“OMG a normal parent I’m the same lady I’ve had 5 at home and one on how my time goes my kids house work comes second,” wrote a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth individual has been added: “You’re so genuine. To be honest, it’s alright because your house is clean. Cluttered, but aren’t all of ours with small children?”

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