Fighting All Odds Couple With Down Syndrome Gets Married.

Those with Down Syndrome. A lot of people don’t really give them a chance at things, including life itself. But if you have ever been around someone with Down Syndrome, you quickly find that they are some of the sweetest, happiest people you have ever met.

Kieran and Emmie both have Down Syndrome. Several years ago, while teenagers, they met at a camp for those with disabilities. And their friendship grew into something else altogether. They were in love with each other. So in 2016, Kieran got down on one knee and proposed to Emmie. And he didn’t just do a regular run-of-the-mill proposal that most guys tend to do. He did it with the song, “I’m Your Man.” They decided to live together for a few months before the wedding to see if things would work out ok.

Says Kieran’s mom, Tessa: “They didn’t end up killing each other and so the wedding plans were put firmly on track.”

So they were married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family. The newlyweds had a great time at their reception, with songs being played, such as: Make You Feel My Love, The Wonder Of You and You’re The One That I Want. And now everyone insists they are the perfect match.

Says Tessa: “[They] are no different to any other young couple. They really complement each other well. Say if they go out to a restaurant they’ve not been to before, Kieran might struggle to read the menu, whereas Emmie would be able to do so fluently. But if they needed to ask for help, for example, Kieran has more confidence, so he wouldn’t be afraid to do that.”

Their lives are amazing, especially considering that no one ever believed they would be able to live normal lives. And now they are both extremely happy sharing their lives with each other, which, by the way, beats out “normal” by a longshot.

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