Grandma Made A Friend For Life When She Messaged On The Wrong Number.

It was back in 2016 when Wanda sent a text to her grandson telling him about her upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, making sure to invite him over for the family gathering.

But Wanda made a pretty big mistake with the number. That text did not go to her grandson. It went to a teenager named Jamal Hinton, who is black. Wanda and her family are white. When Jamal received the text, he just knew that that was not his grandmother. So he texted her back asking that she send a photo of herself to his phone. So she did. Then Jamal sent her a photo that HE had just taken of himself. It was obvious there was a big mix-up. But Jamal asked Wanda if he could still come over for a plate at the dinner table. Wanda’s quick reply was, “Of course you can. That’s what grandmas do… feed everyone.”

And, surprisingly Jamal actually DID show up at Wanda’s back then for that Thanksgiving dinner. And every year since then he had shown up to eat a Thanksgiving meal with Wanda and her family. When it was initially posted on social media, it went viral.

Says Jamal: “We are both really passionate and love talking about our story and how many people have reached out to us and told us how it affects them. We are both very happy and grateful that we could be the centrepiece to such an amazing story and bring joy and faith in so many different people.”

The young man claims his biggest sense of pride comes in knowing that he has changed how others feel.

Says Jamal: “I love when people tell me it restores their faith in humanity which I get A LOT. It makes me feel good knowing something I was a part of affected so many people in a good way.”

And now the wonderful tradition… and friendship… carries on.

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