Pit Bull Gives His Life To Save This Boy From A Venomous Snake.

We love our animals, and we will protect them as much as we possibly can. And they can protect us just as well.

Sometime back, the Oriley family adopted a pit bull puppy, and they named him Zeus. They just loved him to pieces. Just a few months later, the family’s 10-year-old son, Zach, was out playing in the back yard. But Zeus could sense that something was not quite right. As Zach played in the yard, Zeus started walking near him. And there it was… a highly venomous snake preparing to bite the young boy.

Zeus quickly ran up to it and attacked it with his teeth, thrashing it about. But the snake got away and again headed toward Zach. Zeus gave chase and stomped down on the snake, smothering it. But as it died, it bit Zeus.

Zach thought Zeus had been playing with a piece of rope and didn’t give it much thought. He went back into the house for awhile, but when he came back out, he could tell something was really wrong with Zeus. Then he spotted the dead snake near the dog. So he ran into the house to get his parents. His mom, Gina, quickly put Zeus into her car and the family headed to the veterinarian’s office. The doctor injected Zeus with some anti-venom. But it was too late. And the next morning, the heroic dog died.

The family had hoped to see Zeus through his golden years, but that was not to be. He gave his young life saving the ones he cared about the most. And that’s something the family will never forget.

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