Firefighter Came To Rescue The Parrot But Never Expected Him To Say This.

I don’t think anyone can argue that firefighters have a tough job, putting their lives at risk to save others, and even animals. They never had a problem with that. And often, the animals are even harder to rescue. Pretty much all of us can thank them for the job they do. But some animals, one in particular, has a problem with thanking our firefighters.

That one in particular is Jessie, a yellow and blue Macaw parrot that flew out of her cage, flew out of the window and perched herself on top of the roof of her Edmonton, North London home.

Jessie’s owner could not coax the parrot to come back in. So after three days with no luck, the fire department was finally called. When a crew arrived, firefighters got some information about Jessie and extended their ladder to the rooftop.

A firefighter ascended the ladder with a bowl of food and a towel he hoped to wrap the bird in and bring it down to safety. But when he got to the top of the ladder and offered Jessie the bowl of food, he got a big surprise. Jessie looked him squarely in the eyes and said, “F… Off!”

Now, you might expect that from a drunk person in a bar…. or Gordon Ramsey during an episode of Hell’s Kitchen. But a parrot? Well, that was pretty rude, and surely a reverse case of animal abuse.

Jessie then took a bite of the food that was offered and flew to another rooftop before finally flying back into the window of his owner, and all was fine. Perhaps Jessie’s owner should go through some anger management, because animals, especially those “talking” ones, and just like children, will only pick up phrases from those they’re around the most. 

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