Man Shares Chick-Fil-A Employee’s Quiet Act Of Kindness.

Good deeds don’t typically come from the mind. They come from the heart, and when it comes to helping others in need, you don’t really have to ask permission to do so.

Robert Gooch was standing in line at the Chik-fil-A in Jackson, Mississippi when something caught his attention. It was on a hectic Monday morning and Robert was picking up lunch for a doctor’s office. While he was waiting on his orders and checking through some emails on his phone, he heard a man say to the cashier, “I’d like to order something to eat, but all I have is $5.”

When Robert looked up from his phone, he observed a man wearing a backpack and appearing to be homeless. When he asked about some items on the menu, he realized he was going to be needing a little more than the $5 he had. The cashier, wearing a nametag that said “Karina,” then suggested something to his liking, and when she asked him what he wanted to drink with it, he stopped, pondering whether he could afford that drink on top of his meal. The cashier smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it; breakfast is on me.”

She didn’t make him pay and she didn’t ask her manager about it. She could have just taken what little money he had and moved on to the next customer. But she didn’t. The young woman took it upon herself to help someone who was obviously facing some rough times.

Says Robert: “I’ve been in customer service for a long time. I’ve been through some of the best trainings such as Dale Carnegie and yet a girl name Karina in a Chick-fil-A in Jackson, MS in a 3 minute conversation with a customer has managed to teach me the value of humility and taking care of your customers. It’s not just the nuggets that make this place successful. It’s people like Karina.”

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