First-year police officer shot in throat while on duty thanks God for his recovery

When the perils of their everyday life are considered, our heroic cops, in my opinion, do not receive half the respect they merit.

Sure, the world has seen more than its fair share of policemen who have tarnished the profession in recent years, but it is critical to remember the humane members of our police force.

It should never be overlooked that many of the men and women who serve in law enforcement are actually putting their lives on the line each day for the sake of society’s overall safety and well-being.

The family of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Thomas “Tommy” Mangan knows this all too well.

Need some fantastic news this Friday? Officer Mangan is out of the hospital and in great spirits! To his surprise, dozens of IMPD officers were lined up outside to celebrate his discharge and show their support for his continued recovery. While leaving Eskenazi Hospital, Officer Mangan signed “Tommy is very weak but God is your strength.” We want to thank Eskenazi Hospital for their incredible care and the community for their continued support.

Posted by IMPD News on Friday, 11 March 2022

According to sources, Tommy was attending to a call in Fountain Square, Indianapolis, on the evening of February 27 when he was shot in the neck out of nowhere.

Officer Mangan, who was still a first-year officer in field training at the time, was severely injured; his voice box and Adam’s apple were both shattered during the event.

The healing process was difficult, but Officer Magan’s wife, Emory, shared her husband’s first words on social media two months after the shooting.

Officer Magan can be heard saying in the video, which was shared on Facebook, “Thank you Jesus… Thank you sweet, sweet Jesus.”

Tommy's first chosen words spoken after surgery. Hearing his voice again after two months was the sweetest sound. All praises be to our gracious God ♥️

Posted by Emory Mangan on Friday, 29 April 2022

Luckily, Tommy was able to heal at home with his wife Emory by his side for the majority of the time. He just spoke out for the first time since being shot, thanking God for guiding him through the trauma.

Officer Mangan remarked in a video posted to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Facebook page, that being able to have trust and have that weight lessened is the only way that it is feasible to make it through.  Not only will one survive, but one will get stronger as a result of it.

He also accepted the fact God has a plan for him.

One day at a time, being loyal, and seeing how that mending goes, going back behind the wheel, Officer Mangan said.

And he believes he understands what they’re meant to do and how they might best be employed.

Meanwhile, Emory used the occasion to express gratitude from all around the country who have been praying for Tommy’s healing.

In the midst of this extremely difficult event that they would never have asked for, never would have wanted for, she remarked.

They see how the Lord has used it in their life and how they’ve met all these great individuals, and they’re just grateful.

Officer Mangan, for his part, expressed gratitude for the community’s support.

It was back on February 27, 2022, when Officer Thomas Mangan was shot in the neck while on-duty. Since then, he has been recovering, slowly regaining his strength and his voice. Now, he and his wife are opening for the first time, about his health and the incident that changed his life forever. #PrayersForTommy #OfficerMangan

Posted by IMPD News on Sunday, 21 August 2022

Every day, you put on your vest, your belt, your holster, and you’re ready to face the problems of the day. You’re not by yourself. You also have the support of a community, he explained.

I believe it is critical for people to realize the risks that police officers take in order to make our society a safer place to live.

Please share this story to honor Officer Thomas Mangan for his service and to pray for all the brave service members out there.

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