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Henry Winkler Could Not Read a Book till 31 Yet Wrote Children’s Novels & Read to Grandkids despite Hardship

Henry Winkler is a successful actor, but his path to fame was fraught with difficulties that harmed his self-esteem for several years.

Winkler struggled in school, claiming he was “allergic to school” and doing everything he could to pass yet failing.

For four years, the actor studied geometry and saw his classmates graduate ahead of him. Nevertheless, Winkler was able to graduate after attending summer school.

Although Winkler worked hard in school, he did not get much encouragement from his parents. According to the author, they made a lot of derogatory remarks to him, making him feel undeserving of an education.

He admitted that his parents used to call him names and blame his poor academic achievement on laziness. Winkler spent most of his days behind his desk, unable to go since his grades were too bad. From the window, he saw the moon, the actor explained.

Sadly, years of being called names had a long-term impact on Winkler’s confidence. He took his parents’ bitter remarks with him and was continually convinced that he was unworthy of achievement.

This tumultuous childhood experience motivated Winkler to become a different dad, one who supported his children and celebrated their uniqueness.

Winkler is a go-getter who is determined to achieve regardless of any criticism or hurdles he may face. Winkler earned his MFA in theater from Yale University after a painful high school experience.

However, finding work as an actor was tough since Winkler had difficulty reading scripts and memorizing his lines. As a result, he improvised by reading the script just enough to get the sense of the role and then doing his own thing.

Winkler stated that he was occasionally employed and made people laugh. When he auditioned for “Happy Days,” the part that would ultimately bring him stardom, Winkler used humour to mask his reading issue.

Winkler stated that he exploited his charisma to bring the character of “The Fonz” to life and got his breakthrough acting role.

The actor mentioned how ashamed he was to attend table readings with his other cast members since he couldn’t read his lines. But, once again, he utilized his wit to cut through the script.

Winkler found the source of his learning challenges when his stepson began to struggle in school. Unlike his parents, Winkler decided to be tested and discovered he had dyslexia.

When the doctor discussed the difficulties of having dyslexia, Winkler knew he had it as well. The actor discovered at the age of 31 that he was not the name his parents had given him. He wasn’t stupid or lazy; he just had an issue.

When questioned how he felt following his diagnosis, Winkler expressed bitterness and contempt toward his parents. It was not his mistake that he had a difficult childhood, but he had “something with a name.”

Winkler recalls the first time he saw his wife, Stacy Weitzman, in 1976. He remembered her purple parachute pants, her red hair, and how captivated he was by her beauty.

The actor inquired whether she wants him to get a soda? He only needs to make a brief trip to pick up a wedding present. Weitzman answered that she is not a gift service.

Weitzman ultimately changed her mind, and the two spoke over ginger ales. Within 15 minutes, Winkler claimed he realized how strong she was.

After only four weeks of dating, Winkler and Weitzman began living together with her then four-year-old son Jed. In 1978, the couple married and had two children, Zoe and Max.

The agony of discovering a learning disability at the age of 31 is difficult to bear. The actor admitted that his early self-doubt still haunts him, but he tells himself of how far he has gone.

When Winkler became a grandpa, he was approached about authoring children’s books, but the actor refused since he did not believe he was skilled enough.

After reading his first novel at the age of 31, Winkler realized he might help youngsters who felt isolated due to their disability. “Here’s Hank,” a children’s book about a dyslexic elementary school boy, was published by the actor.

Winkler’s side business has flourished, and he now has more than 30 novels published. His choice to write was prompted by his childhood difficulties.

In an appearance with Entertainment Tonight, Winkler demonstrated his writing and reading abilities. The performer delivered the text with vigor and emphasised its comic components. The interviewer even described the book as “fun.”

Winkler’s life has not been simple, yet his will to make something of himself and become a good human has propelled him in the right path.

Outside of his family, his proudest moment, no matter what he have achieved, Winkler said of his hardships and achievements.

Winkler’s tale continues to motivate others, and he pursues his passion for writing. The author has released a sci-fi tale full of adventure and wit.

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