Florida woman wins jackpot day after daughter’s last breast cancer treatment.

A Florida mother won the $2 million top prize on the Florida Lottery’s Bonus Cashword scratch-off game the day after her daughter’s breast cancer treatment was allegedly terminated.

According to a news statement provided by the Florida Lottery, Geraldine Gimblet of Lakeland bought her $10 winning ticket from Pipkin Road Beverage Castle, situated at 1170 West Pipkin Road.

The gas station clerk first assumed there were no tickets available, but she urged him to double-check since she likes crossword puzzles. He discovered the final one! Gimblet informed the Florida Lottery.

Gimblet’s daughter expressed her mother’s gratitude to the Florida Lottery.

The day before her mum purchased this ticket, she rang the bell and walked out of the hospital after finishing her final treatment for breast cancer, Gimblet’s daughter told

When she was ill, her mother had taken out her life savings to take care of her, Gimblet’s daughter said. She is overjoyed for her.

According to the Oncology Nursing Association, a patient “ringing the bell” is a practice that commonly occurs in medical facilities to mark a milestone in cancer treatment.

Gimblet went to lottery headquarters in Tallahassee with her daughter and granddaughter to retrieve her reward after winning the crossword scratch-off.

The Florida Lottery’s chief of staff, Reggie Dixon, heard the tale and joined Gimblet in her celebration, according to the Florida Lottery.

According to the lottery office, Gimblet elected to collect her rewards in the form of a one-time, lump-sum payment of $1,645,000.00 after state and federal taxes were deducted.

According to the Florida Lottery, the “$2,000,000 Bonus Cashword” was originally offered in 2022, with eight winners taking home a top prize of $2 million and 20 second tier rewards of $100,000.

According to the press release, the Florida Lottery’s scratch-off games accounted for roughly 77 percent of all ticket sales in the fiscal year 2021–2022.

According to the Florida Lottery, up to 99 percent of its earnings are put back into the Florida economy via “prize payments, commissions to more than 13,000 Lottery stores, and transfers to education.”

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