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Jeremy Renner explains how his nephew’s quick thinking saved his life.

Jeremy Renner is beginning to divulge more facts about his near-fatal snowplough mishap on New Year’s Day.

During a recent interview, the Marvel actor was in good spirits and even laughed about what had happened to him, but he also disclosed why he felt so much remorse.

One thing he thought about once he was clear enough — this was still while he was on the ground before the ambulance even arrived — was what his experience was like, but then he had to think about Alex’s because Alex was there the entire time, he meant he had to see his uncle Jeremy on the ground, he said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Alex Fries, Renner’s nephew, avoided a snowplough collision. He was also accountable for rushing for aid after the accident, and he helped his uncle breathe with his pierced lung until an ambulance came.

Renner said that he didn’t see any of these things. The blood was everywhere, as were the object and the eye, and he had to consider what his viewpoint was, and then it continued occurring from everyone’s perspective throughout this whole process.

It’s rather terrifying to take the time to contemplate someone else’s point of view.

When he mentions “the eye,” he’s alluding to the fact that his eye burst out of its socket during the accident.

When Kimmel questioned when he first considered doing anything like this, Renner said it was when he was still lying in the snow after the accident, adding, he was there for 45 minutes, so he had some time.

Renner arrived onstage with a cane, but danced before sitting down and kicking each of his legs out, demonstrating how much he’s healed in the three months since the injury.

That was a terrible way to begin the year, he said.

Although it has previously been said that he shattered around 30 bones in the accident, he stated last night that he broke “35 or so,” noting that doctors listed them in order of what he was going to die from or not, and that some of the less significant fractures were not identified for weeks.

He remarked that he was fortunate in many respects. He is fortunate to be here.

None of the organs were screwed up, he claimed, and Kimmel pointed out that one of his fractured rib pieces punctured his liver, but it wasn’t a huge problem. As the talk show host said that one of his lungs had collapsed, he joked, Oh, that’s OK, he has another one.

Renner also said that he was acquainted with several of the first responders who saved him, and that when one of his friends saved him from suffocation due to his pierced lung, he contacted a common friend to say, “Hey, we did the best we could,” which the actor explained meant, “Hey, I’m dying.”

He didn’t realize his situation was worse than he imagined until friends began reaching out to him.

The actor subsequently said that things calmed down after he was admitted to the hospital.

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