Former farmer celebrates 108th birthday with more than 100 grandchildren – Happy Birthday, Izer

On July 4, an Illinois grandpa with over 100 grandkids honored his astounding 108th birthday.

According to sources, Izer Tilson has 15 kids, who have rewarded him with almost 100 grandkids.

Izer said to reporters that he is simply glad to be 108. Not bad, nine girls and six boys, adding that he intends to “live till 128.”

In terms of his lifespan, Izer attributed it to God and the Bible. He even stated that he seems as powerful as he did in his twenties, which was in the 1930s.

With Izer’s 108th birthday approaching, his hometown of Rockford, Illinois, designated July 4 as “Izer Tilson Day.”

As per reports, Izer was born in Forest City, Arkansas, and formerly served as a farmer, handyman, and business owner. Due to his passion with colourful rags, he was dubbed the “RagMan” by some.

Gerline Tilson-Norris, one of his daughters and one half of Izer’s sole pair of twins, said her dad was fortunate with his religion, family, and friends.

She explained that he has No sugar, no diabetes. She believes they should have experts, medical scientists, out here at least doing some research. It is unusual. To see somebody who isn’t struggling or in a lot of pain, just accept it as it comes.

Izer’s lifelong wife died of heart disease in her 80s in 2000. Her family characterised her as a church worker and missionary with a kind heart.

Izer allegedly stated that the couple had been high school sweethearts and that she was a “caring, happy wife.”

According to Gerlina, Izer wants to spend his “last lap” with his family and friends.

Amazing! Still going strong at 108 years old. And to think he comes from a big and loving family! Izer is certainly a lucky man.

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