Denzel Washington says there’s no secret to 39-year marriage to wife but ‘spiritual foundation helps’

There has to be some type of secret when you’ve been married to somebody for over four decades, right?

“There is no key to the ideal marriage,” says Denzel Washington, who met his wife Pauletta on the set of a TV movie in 1977.

Everyone has ups and downs, and they’ve experienced theirs. It’s a difficult job. But they made a promise. Marriage, career, and peace of mind all benefit from a spiritual foundation.

Denzel and Pauletta initially met on the set of Wilma in 1977. The acclaimed actor said in 2018 on Live with Kelly and Ryan that the first movie he ever did — a TV movie was about Wilma Rudolph, and he played Wilma Rudolph’s lover. Pauletta was a track star, he explained.  He saw her at the time.

The two up-and-coming performers would not meet formally until many months later.

Despite their differing tales of how they arrived together in the same place at the same time, Denzel and Pauletta ended up at the same event and hit it off.

Their love blossomed with their professions.

Denzel ultimately wanted to take the next step with Pauletta, but she appeared apprehensive. Denzel proposed to Pauletta three times before she accepted.

In 1983, the couple married in Pauletta’s hometown of Newton, South Carolina.

Denzel and Pauletta received their first child, John David, shortly after their marriage, followed by Katia in 1987 and twins Olivia and Malcolm in 1991.

He used to believe that what he did for a livelihood – acting – was his life, but once they had their first kid, performing became a means of subsistence. Denzel described the children as “life.”

Although their kids thought their parents were severe at first, Denzel stated that “moral training is crucial.”

His kids are wonderful individuals. They are not without flaws, but they are compassionate, modest, and caring. That was done by his wife.

Denzel and Pauletta marriage has had its highs and lows, but they’ve battled through them all.

Following allegations of adultery and divorce, which Denzel rejected, the pair recognised that marriage is difficult, but they strive together to see it through.

Pauletta expressed that she shares her home with this man. She sees the downside and notices the sad part. She can see every detail. He has that security in her as his wife, and he recognizes it.

Denzel Washington is one of the finest actors, and his and his wife’s perspective on marriage is enlightening.

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