The hardships of Columbo’s Peter Falk & his daughters: He ‘couldn’t remember’ his role near the end of his life

‘Columbo,’ the crumpled raincoat-wearing TV detective, is one of the most renowned of all time; he never failed to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Just when you believed the bad guy was going to get away with it, the cigar-smoking super detective would turn up with “one niggling clue” he couldn’t get rid of.

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The show was played on prime-time television during the 1970s and then less often from the late 1980s through 2003.

For years, TV investigators were always a cut above the criminal masterminds they sought, but Columbo defied that image by portraying a clever yet scruffy blue-collar murder detective who outsmarted the most powerful and affluent criminals.

The popular investigator, who became a household figure throughout the world, won actor Peter Falk four Emmy nominations for his role on the programme.

But, beneath all of Peter Falk’s brilliance and renown, there was another side to him. At least, according to authors Richard Lertzman and William Birnes of the biography “Beyond Columbo.”

The writers claim that the book provides an in-depth view into the actor’s life, his place in history, and his artist’s life. He drank and smoked constantly, enjoyed drinking with his pals, and was a serial womaniser. He was a careless spouse and a distant parent.

Falk’s big break came in 1960 with Murder, Inc, an American gangster film in which his portrayal as merciless killer Abe Reles garnered him an Academy Award nomination.

The next year, he co-starred with Bette Davis in the film Pocketful of Miracles, for which he received another Academy Award nomination.

Many consider him to be one of the most legendary stars of his era. Falk was also the highest-paid actor on television at the time, earning over $250,000 each episode of Columbo.

His family life, on the other hand, was less fortunate.

Alyce Mayo, the actor’s college love, wedded him in 1960. It was his first marriage. The pair met at Syracuse University, where Peter and Alyce were both students. But it took some time for them to tie the knot. Peter and Alyce dated for 12 years before marrying on April 17, 1960.

Alyce Mayo, a designer, apparently turned a blind eye to her husband’s infidelity for 16 years, however she had had enough.

Falk and Alyce adopted two children, Catherine and Jackie, together. Jackie Falk appeared at press engagements with her dad on occasion, but subsequently faded from view.

Catherine, who went on to become a private investigator, had a tumultuous relationship with Peter, and she even sued him after he allegedly failed to repay her college fees.

Catherine explained that she thinks the majority of people think of her as this money-grubbing child, going after her father for wealth.

Catherine claims that her father’s marriage to his new wife, actress Shera Danese, affected their connection.

Catherine explained that her dad was married to a lady who made it difficult for him to feel at ease. They weren’t permitted to go to his place.

And the feud between Catherine and Shera Danese was only going to become worse.

Unfortunately, the New York-born star known for his signature squint died in June 2011 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. His death was mostly caused by pneumonia, with Alzheimer’s disease consequences.

The actor’s memory and suspected Alzheimer’s disease deteriorated following hip surgery in 2008, as per his doctor Stephen Read, and he could barely recall portraying the world-famous investigator ‘Columbo.’

The actor also fought Retinoblastoma, a rare kind of cancer, when he was three years old and lost his eye; he had to wear a prosthetic eye after that and was warned by one agency that he wouldn’t get any acting work because of it.

Peter Falk, 83, died quietly at his Beverly Hills home. Tributes poured in, including one from the renowned Steven Speilberg, who said, “I learnt more about acting from him at that early time of my career than from anyone else.”

His children said they will cherish his “knowledge and humour,” but Catherine claimed she never got to say goodbye to her dad. Falk’s oldest daughter expressed that she was kept away from her father during his final years and didn’t learn of his death until hours later.

She blamed his new wife for several offences, but Shera answered through her attorney, Troy Martin.

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Such a skill squandered by such a horrible sickness. With his amazing portrayal of this accidental investigator, he thrilled millions of individuals all over the globe.

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