Woman Caught Her Janitor Husband Cheating What She Did Next Will Leave You In Stitches.

Infidelity is a heartbreaking experience. Being cheated by someone you care about may be terrible. Read this story of what the girl does when she finds out the father of her kids is cheating on her. Let us know what you would do in her place.

Source: Reddit

For context, years ago I (20F) and the father of my first 2 children (26M) were going through a rough time in our relationship. He was working the night shift as a janitor in a nursing home while I was going to college for nursing during the day. We had a 1 year old and I had just given birth to our son 3 month earlier. There was a woman that he worked with that I had gotten to know pretty well when I would bring him his lunches. We were friends, or so I thought. He was supposed to be waxing the floors at night when no one was up and about. Just so happened my cousin ran into him and her having drinks at a local bar on one of the nights that he was supposed to be working.

Que massive fight, got off early, just friends blah blah blah, won’t happen again. About a month later comes “the talk”. We have been fighting too much, let’s keep this amicable for the kids and stay friends. Mind you, the house was mine, I paid the bills with grants and scholarships I earned through school, the car he drove was mine too. I would be nice and allow him to stay till he got something figured out, still take my car to work, I still fed him all that good nonsense. Then he starts being loving and we continue a physical relationship.

I happened to be feeding our son one morning while he was still sleeping and his phone went off. I know, I know don’t look for it if you don’t want to know right. Turns out he’s been carrying on a relationship with the other woman the whole time he’s been with me. It would have been fine if that’s what he wanted, if he wasn’t doing the same with me at the same time. Que petty revenge. I crawled back into bed with him, naked and he snuggled up like he always does. I took pictures from his phone, nice and graphic ones. I sent them to her from his phone, along with a very nicely, in my opinion, worded message explaining everything that he had been up to, and in to.

Then I got dressed to the wonderful pings from his phone and continued about my day packing his things. He woke a few hours later and went for his phone first thing. I happened to come into the room as he’s trying to call her and when he turns to look at me I can see all the blood rush from his face. He can’t even mount a defense as I tell him all about the conversation me and his new girlfriend have had, along with some photos. All his things are now out on the porch boxed up. I tell him he no longer lives in my house, and to leave. He starts to blubber about where he will go? So I told him that he better call his girlfriend to come pick him up and live with her because he sure as hell isn’t using my vehicle anymore and that sounds like his problem and I shut the door on him. I had been with this man child for 6 years. 

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