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Four Florida Thugs Shot Man’s Dog Upon Invading His Home, Consequence Is Severe.

The horrific house invasion occurred on a normally quiet Monday evening in Summerfield, Florida. The victim, Shawn Peterson, 35, was at home with his girlfriend when he heard a loud crash and realized his back door had been kicked open. The four suspects stormed inside the residence at that point.

Peterson and his girlfriend hid themselves in their bedroom and shut the door, but their brave pit bull “Zeus” assaulted the assailants. Zeus was shot three times, with one of the bullets striking him in the skull. He’s a nice dog. He’s never left his side, according to Peterson.

He simply heard his back door being kicked in, and then his dog rushed out and he heard a gunshot, Peterson remembered. This is the point at which the four criminals should have fled for their lives, but the group’s “alpha male,” Shawn King, attempted to shoot Peterson and his girlfriend through the bedroom door instead.

The next thing he knew, a man was meeting him at his door with a pistol, and he shoved the gun in his door. He slammed the door, and the pistol just kept firing, according to Peterson. This is when the irritated couple turned the tables on the obnoxious invaders. The four house intruders had no idea their would-be victims would respond with equal vigor, but they were completely mistaken.

Posted by Gail Paschall-Brown WESH on Tuesday, 15 August 2017

At the moment, his girlfriend was in the closet, and he shouted at her to throw his shotgun. She tossed the shotgun at him like in the movies, and he grabbed it and fired once, and he assumed it struck him in the chest or whatever, Peterson said.

Shawn Peterson knocked Shawn King to the ground with a shotgun blast, and he was swiftly snatched up by his accomplices, who left the scene. A mortally injured King was left off outside the Ocala Health Summerfield Emergency Room by an unknown individual, and he was certified dead a short time later.

The police decided to investigate the event in order to ascertain if the shooting was lawful and to assuage public worries. They don’t accept anything at face value, said Lauren Lettelier, deputy spokeswoman for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. They want to delve deep and make sure that what they are seeing and hearing is validated by the facts. So she told one that everything would be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that this is really what occurred, she ended.

Most people would think it was an obvious case of self-defense and a waste of time to investigate, but there are some who make fake police reports, so we can blame them for the lost tax money and police resources. When King chose to infiltrate another person’s house and try to steal from and kill them, he was met with the repercussions of his actions. The case is closed.

It’s kind of surreal, like, he didn’t expect when he went to sleep last night that he’d have to take someone’s life for coming into his home, Shawn Peterson observed. Now he has to leave his residence. His girl and his roommate won’t even come here, the victim continued.

On a brighter side, Peterson’s dog, Zeus, was transported to a local veterinary facility and treated for his gunshot wound. The canine hero is likely to heal completely. This, I believe, counts as a happy ending.

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