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Classic ‘I’m Not a Doctor’ Sketch From The Carol Burnett Show.

Carol’s character in the comedy is in a doctor’s waiting room and starts up a conversation with the guy sitting next to her. He tells her what medication the doctor gave him for his headaches, and Carol goes on to say that the medication he was given had some terrible side effects that she read about.

Tim Conway, the other patient in the waiting area, walks over to hear about these adverse effects. This is where the comedy truly begins!

Carol mentions dizziness as a possible side effect, and then Tim Conway appears in the background and begins to act dizzy. He’s creating the most amusing expressions, which keep the crowd giggling.

As Carol begins to detail the many side effects, such as muscular spasms, profound despair, and bouts of laughter, Tim Conway continues to respond in such a manner that he gets the specific side effect that she is presenting.

“How can they maintain a straight face while Conway is behaving like a nut? “Comedic genius,” one YouTube user says after seeing the comedy.

“All three were quite entertaining, but Tim Conway was usually the highlight of the performance,” another YouTube user adds. “I remember watching Carol Burnett’s program with my family when I was a little kid, and I loved it.”

“These three were a winning mix in every sketch they did,” says another user after seeing this comedy performance. “The Carol Burnett Show was incredible; I’m so pleased I got to see it back then.”

We hope you liked this classic and funny comedy from The Carol Burnett Show and that it made you smile today!

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