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Police: Boy Calls Parents During Break In While Home Alone. His Dad, An Off-Duty Cop, Arrives And Fatally Shoots Alleged Intruder.

When Anthony Arias, a 29-year-old Florida man and a previously convicted thief who had done time in jail, tried to break into a Miami-Dade household on a Monday afternoon, he chose the incorrect place. Arias probably believed he’d picked an easy target since the only individual at home was a 13-year-old kid, but he was about to find out how incorrect he was.

The youngster, who was home alone at the time, heard a stranger attempting to break in, later identified as Anthony Arias. The child contacted his parents for assistance, claiming that someone was trying to break into the house from the back. Despite the fact that the child’s parents were no longer together and that the break-in was taking place at the boy’s mom’s residence, his father swooped in.

He heard ‘Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,’ neighbor Raul Artiles told. Someone had fired with a handgun, like 10 or 13 times, the neighborhood’s 35-year resident continued, stressing that this was not typical of their tranquil town. This area is quite tranquil and pleasant, he observed. He has never heard a gunshot or anything like it.

Fortunately, the burglary suspect did not discharge a pistol. Rather, the bullets were fired by the boy’s father, an off-duty veteran officer with the City of Miami Police, in response to his son’s plea for aid. The father went to his ex-wife’s house in the 700 block of Southwest 98th Court and approached the suspect in the driveway, where Anthony Arias reportedly threatened him.

A 13-year-old youngster inside the house phoned his parents and claimed that somebody was attempting to break in from the back, Miami-Dade Police investigator Kristopher Welch said. His father, a City of Miami Police officer, came to the scene, engaged the suspect, and shots were fired, according to the report.

After being threatened with a weapon, the off-duty police officer discharged his handgun, hitting Anthony Arias. The subject turned on him, and he made a threat to the officer’s life, Fraternal Order of Police Sergeant Tommy Reyes said, adding that the culprit may have made a move towards the cop, who then shot him.

A neighboring homeowner described the father’s reaction as “normal,” and neighbor Orencio Castillo agreed. That’s a normal reaction, Castillo replied, apparently referring to the officer’s conduct. He presumably assumed the place was vacant, Castillo said of the robbery suspect. This is the first time he has heard of one in about 20 years, he said, referring to the alleged attempted theft and gunshot.

Following the gunfire, Miami-Dade Police and Fire Rescue units raced to the location, and a chopper hovered over the scene. Anthony Arias was taken to the hospital by paramedics and pronounced dead after succumbing to his wounds. Aerial video shows blood on what looks to be a family’s driveway. According to reports, the off-duty police were the only ones who fired a firearm.

Christina Carmenate, the boy’s mother’s cousin, went to the site after hearing what had transpired. Someone was attempting to break into her home, Carmenate said. She called her ex-husband that is a police officer, and there was some sort of confrontation, and there was a gunshot. It was a heist. It was a robbery attempt, and the bad guy was the one who was struck.

Certainly, a good person with a pistol stopped a bad guy who was apparently planning to do damage. Fortunately, this dedicated father arrived on the scene in time. We fear to contemplate how things may have turned out differently if that hadn’t been the case. Fortunately, we can report a happy ending, owing to yet another example of how the Second Amendment allows us to defend our loved ones, ourselves, and our property. Congratulations, officer father!

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