Four Sisters In Their 90s Care For Their Elderly Sister Giving Her A ‘Reason To Be Alive.’

Sisters have a special bond that is unlike any other form of affection. Your love for your sibling is eternal.

It might be nice to grow up with a sister, but it can also be aggravating. But, on the other hand, your sisters are irreplaceable, and that will always be true no matter where life takes you.

When four sisters in their 90s learned that their fifth sister had only a week to live, they jumped on a plane to assist her. The 97-year-old is still living four months later, and her sisters make sure she looks beautiful every day and knows how much she is loved. She received her wish to remain in her house till the end and has a reason to live, surrounded by her sisters’ unconditional affection.

Nicole Hauff has spoken about her grandmother’s experience and the strong link she has with her sisters. Nicole Hauff expressed that everyone’s attention is drawn to her grandmother and her four sisters when they enter a room. In her words, “Five women in their nineties, cute as can be with a love that cannot be ignored.”

Nicole explained that these sisters have been in a relationship for the longest time in their lives-longer than their time with their parents and longer than their time married to their better halves.

Nicole credits her dedication to her own four sisters to the affection these sisters share. Her grandmother and her sisters instilled in Nicole’s sister and Nicole the value of unconditional love. Nicole explained, “We call them the Grandmas and they continue to teach us how to love properly.”

She stated, “sisters share more than anybody else: parents, beds, friends, secrets, and family DNA are just a few of the things we share. Sisters have an unique connection, and the blessing of having and being a sister is one that lasts a lifetime.”

Nicole also made a promise to her own sisters, based on her grandmothers’ love and care for one another. When her sisters are elderly she will comb their hair and make sure they’re beautiful to the end.

"My 97-year-old grandma is being lovingly cared for by her sisters, all in their 90s. When my sisters are old, I will brush their hair and make sure they look pretty, until the very end. My grandma got her wish to have hospice in her own home." Credit: JukinVideo

Posted by NTD Australia on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Her grandmother’s husband died 20 years ago, she added, and she feels her grandmother’s “affection for her sisters gave her a reason to stay alive and active.”

She continued saying when you feel loved and wanted, you have a purpose to live. These adorable sisters are the best of friends who frequently go to the gym, church, and the grocery together. They stay in touch with a daily phone call and a trip to the neighbourhood Mexican restaurant.

It’s beautiful to see the bond these five have; it provides them all a motivation to keep going and living life to the fullest, while also making them feel unique and cherished. God bless each and everyone of them.

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