“My Girlfriend And I Gave Up Our Child Today.”

Being parents is one of the most beautiful journey in one’s life. Holding a new born, protecting and taking care of your little one is indeed amazing. But not all our fortunate. Here is a couple who had the most precious moment of holding their newborn at the same time the hardest time since they knew what they are doing is all out of love for their son-for his better and happy life.

Source: Reddit

He was born happy & healthy. Most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen in my life. Happiest day of our life is sadly also the hardest one. We wanted him so bad. Right now where we are in our lives though, barely surviving paycheck to paycheck, food stamps, and living in a sh**ty a** neighborhood in one of the most expensive overpriced cities in the US, we know we can’t do it with a baby. I’m sad we can’t provide the life he deserves.

We know the family he’s going to is gonna love him so much. They have been waiting for years to have a child. They’re good people, we know they are. And we know he’s gonna have a good life with them. My girlfriend cried for an hour when it was time to say goodbye. She’s sleeping on me rn. My heart hurts. Hurts deeper than anything I’ve ever felt. I only got to hold him a few mins but it already feels like I can’t breathe without him.

This is for the best though. We both know it is. Hope one day we can meet again baby boy.

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