Twin Girls Born With Different Skin Colors Have To Prove They’re Siblings, Even To Their Friends.

An incredible story of twin sisters who would time and again have to produce their birth documents to establish they’re siblings.

The minute we think of twins it’s typically hard to tell them apart. However, this certainly not been the case for British sisters Lucy and Maria Aylmer. These twins from Gloucester, England, now 24, were born to interracial parents.

It was 1997 when Donna Aylmer, mother of Lucy and Maria, cried with happiness when she got to know that she is going to give birth to twin girls. Post-delivery, Donna took a serious look at her new-born twin girls, named later as Lucy and Maria. Lucy had red hair, blue eyes, and a whitish complexion and on the other hand, Maria, had brown skin, brown eyes and dark twisted hair.

Lucy and Maria were born in January 1997 to mixed race parents, Donna and Vince. Donna is half Jamaican and Vince who is white, and together they have produced one white twin and one black twin.

Lucy and Maria’s grandma has English complexion while their elder brothers and sisters have skin tones anywhere in the middle of theirs. Lucy, the one with whitish complexion, once said that her mother had no idea that we were so poles apart and was in surprise when she and her sister were first born.

According to Lucy, no one ever trusts they were twins even when they dress-up alike because they just don’t look like sisters, let alone twins. At times, their friends have even made them produce their birth certificates to prove they are twins.

Awkwardly, their difference in color led to a slightly harsh childhood. Their friends thought that Lucy was an adopted one and call her ghost while Maria wished she would have more like Lucy during her childhood and used to often cry as she wanted to have red beautiful hairs unlike her twin sister.

Lucy and Maria also have different behaviors. Maria was outward-bound whilst Lucy was the reluctant one. Maria being the outgoing one who studied Law and Psychology, while Lucy studied Art and Design. Then Maria loves telling folks at college that she has a white twin and Lucy was very pleased of having a black twin.

But then again while Lucy and Maria are contrast in so many ways, they’re as close as twins can be. Not only that they are now best friends but have learned to love themselves and their unlikeness with pride. And as they grown-up older and no longer dress alike but their connection just keeps getting robust and they still share the same lovely smile.

Lucy and Maria also show that no matter how you look outside but it is the inner beauty that matters.

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