Sister Can’t Afford A Dress For Her Prom, So Kind Brother Sews One Better Than Anything She Could Buy.

Sister could not have funds for her prom dress then brother prepared one for her, an incredible bond just at a different level between the siblings.

Wearing the finest dress and going to the prom is perhaps one of the most wonderful moments that many of us recall. It is just a memorable evening where all friends and classmates dressed up attractively with lots of hope all around and the grand moment before everyone part ways.

It was the same magical moment when Lu Asey Keanna’s high school declared that they are going to have their customary prom.

But on the other hand when Asey realised that the school required prom dresses, she was afraid that her parents possibly will not be able to acquire one. But at the same time, her brother Maverick Francisco Oyayo, steps in as an angel and decided to stitch a superb dress for his sister. Maverick decided to do so as he didn’t want Asey to miss the prom.

The love and care amongst siblings can take various forms as there is a unique love-hate relationship when it comes to siblings. But Asey’s brother, Maverick Francisco Oyayo from the Philippines took it to just at a different level.

Posted by Maverick Francisco Oyao on Friday, 14 February 2020

Because of the special bond with his sister, Maverick could not afford to see Asey sad and neither had he wanted her to miss the prom that she had been dreaming round for so long. To make Asey’s dream true, Maverick eventually decided to craft his own ball gown for his darling sister.

Maverick quickly started to browse internet since he did not had much time in hand to create the ball gown. He finally took the motivation from a world renowned designer, Michael Cinco from Philippines.

Maverick was in full swing. He started cutting the textile and forming designs. He made lattice designs with white satin band and embroidered it with artificial flowers, sparkler beads and glitters. Due to time scarcity, he had to hand-paint the corset. And to get the visual gradation from light colour to a dark colour that Maverick had seen in Michael Cinco’s design, he even added sleeves on Asey’s ball gown.

The untold story of a loving kuya 😊 I did not expect na magagawa ko to on time. I even doubted my self kung magagawa ko…

Posted by Maverick Francisco Oyao on Friday, 14 February 2020

With all his efforts, Maverick was able to finish the dress well in time and the outcome of his efforts was an absolutely stunning eccentric blue and white prom dress with a hand-painted corset, criss-cross strips and a fairy-tale type of skirt with flowers.

Can you imagine Asey’s impression when she would have seen her beautiful dress? She must be so full of pride of her brother and the beautiful dress that Maverick has created for her.

Maverick dedicated a Facebook post to Asey to make her happy on Valentine’s Day in which he has promised that he would always there for his sister and he would never ever get drained of supporting her as a big brother.

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