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Fridge Wars Ignite: Office Worker Stirs Controversy With Padlocked Milk In Communal Fridge!

Office kitchen etiquette is often a source of contention. Whether you fail to properly empty the coffee machine or leave your sandwich in the fridge for three weeks, there is always that one individual who ruffles the collective feathers.

Someone did this at their job, which sparked a heated dispute.

Many Reddit users chastised them for their ‘extreme’ action of locking their milk bottle in the work fridge with a padlock.

Along with the photo of the sealed-up milk, user u/Vented55 posted the following question: Peak pettiness or justified security in the workplace kitchen?

“It seems like such an easy thing for the company just to buy the milk for everyone to share,” one person said. That always worked for us, and when I worked in the public sector, each group was responsible for making sure the fridge wasn’t only full of milk. This seems to be really unpleasant.”

Another person said, “The savagery of the human race knows no bounds.”

Another person said, “The company should just buy communal milk that everyone can use.”

Many others, though, defended the employee, with one saying, “100% appropriate.” People will drink directly from your milk carton, and no one respects the contents of the common fridge. I haven’t used the community fridge in 20 years; all it took was one dirty individual going through everyone’s lunch bags to put me off. Reusable icepacks and a cooler bag. I don’t need anything if it can’t fit in my cooler bag.”

“I’m always happy to share my milk in the office, but the number of times I’ve found that MY milk that I bought is completely empty with no replacement offered/available makes me feel completely justified,” added another. Nothing worse than brewing a cup of tea only to discover that the milk has been consumed, leaving you high and dry (of milk). I entirely appreciate the reasoning as someone who used to purchase two pints of milk every week only to find it almost empty by Wednesday morning.”

They went on to say, “I vote not petty.”

Peak pettiness or justifiable security in the office kitchen?
by u/Vented55 in CasualUK

While one user even revealed how they exacted vengeance on an extremely greedy colleague who stole meals.

“I completely agree, having had someone steal my food at work.” I once purchased some Scoville-rated chili spray and sprayed it on the bottom of my sausage bun ‘lunch’. “While I’m not sure who did it, I know someone got a surprise,” they added.

I mean, nicely done, well done.

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