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Heartwarming Heroism: Former Rugby Teammate Carries Companion Across Leeds Marathon’s Finish Line!

Kevin Sinfield, a former rugby player, was seen carrying a buddy over the finish line of the Leeds Marathon.

The England national team defensive coach was pictured carrying former teammate Rob Burrow after pushing him in a specially modified wheelchair for the 26.2-mile (42.1 km) marathon.

But as the two approached the finish line, Sinfield picked up Burrow and carried him over to complete the race as the crowd celebrated.

Many others responded to the touching moment, with one admirer writing, “This is beautiful, so much love, brothers in arms.”

“Such an inspiring man!” commented another. Growing up, they were two of my favorite players. Surely he’ll be knighted at some point?”

Another said, “Everyone needs a friend like Kevin Sinfield.” What a genuine hero! “I’m doing Leeds proud.”

Burrow played with the Leeds Rhinos in the Super League for his whole 16-year career until retiring in 2017 after being diagnosed with motor neuron disease (MND).

Two years later, he was awarded an MBE for his efforts in collecting funds and promoting awareness of the ailment.

Sinfield announced that the team’s fundraising efforts for the first Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon collected more than £3 million (AUD $5.6 million) for a variety of causes.

Sinfield started gathering funds soon after his buddy was diagnosed.

In 2020, he completed seven marathons in seven days, raising millions of dollars.

Before the Leeds Marathon, the coach told Burrow that although his efforts will earn even more donations, he is looking forward to spending more time with him and keeping him on track.

It’s the time together that he is looking forward to, he said.

They had some truly hilarious moments during the Leeds 10k trial run in preparation for this, and while it’s tough for him to communicate, he understands when he’s laughing, and one can see it. He swears they’ll have a good time.

Sinfield said that his remarkable cause started as a “mate running for another mate,” but it has since grown into something far larger.

Sinfield said that the money is great, but perhaps most significantly, it offers hope. In the past, people with MND were left alone, embarrassed to leave their homes. They may now live their lives with the hope that there will be treatments to reduce the progression of the disease and, one day, a cure. The money raised allows men far smarter than him to do their jobs. Due to everyone’s efforts, they now have a fighting chance of finding a cure.

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