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Netflix Viewers Question How Tom Hanks’ Heartbreaking Performance In A Man Called Otto Was Ignored For An Oscar.

Individuals are upset after seeing the film A Man Called Otto, not just since it is heartbreaking but also since Tom Hanks was not nominated for an Oscar for his performance.

Because the 2022 film was just released on Netflix, many more people are witnessing the heartbreaking story for the first time.

But the issue on everyone’s mind is, why didn’t anybody make more of Tom Hanks’ performance in this?

And if you’re one of those individuals who hasn’t seen it yet, you can watch the trailer below.

Based on the novel A Man Called Ove and the Oscar-nominated Swedish film of the same name, A Man Called Otto follows the tale of Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks), a grumpy widower who appears to take satisfaction in condemning and grumbling about his neighbors.

He resolves to do something dramatic since he is lonely and sad, but his plans are quickly derailed when a vibrant family moves in next door.

His new neighbor, the quick-witted and heavily pregnant Marisol (Mariana Trevino), finds his match, and the two begin an unlikely relationship that flips his life upside down.

Now that they have finally gotten around to seeing it, many are demanding that Hanks be nominated for an Oscar, even if it’s a bit late.

“Whoever decided not to nominate or award any Oscars to a man named Otto is a villain,” one viewer tweeted, before adding, “Like y’all, I just ugly ugly cried for the entire length of this movie.”

“I’m not a big Tom Hanks fan, but I really liked A Man Called Otto on Netflix,” said another. Probably because I identified with his persona, a grumpy, angry old guy with a (too) huge heart. His son portrayed him as a teenager. A lovely narrative done beautifully, with an Oscar-worthy performance by Tom Hanks.”

“I just watched A Man Called Otto, and I can’t remember the last time I cried so hard watching a movie,” a third said. That one deserves an Oscar for @tomhanks!”

Despite being nominated for Best Picture, Hanks did not attend this year’s Academy Awards.

Colonel Tom Parker, the actor, did not earn a nomination despite playing a significant part in the film. Nonetheless, he was a big hit at this year’s Razzies.

Fans, on the other hand, should not feel too sorry for him.

After all, he already has two Best Actor Oscars under his belt, for his roles in Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994).

I’m certain he’ll be alright.

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