Furious Husband Suddenly Realized This About His Wife.

Years back, when kiddo was young and kinda being a pain in the butt, we were both just running out of gas. Times were tight, parenting was frustrating, there was some frustration with families, etc. The general day-to-day sh*t that just wears on you, and we were worn down.

One day, she didn’t replace the toilet paper all the way. Just propped the new roll on top of the old cardboard tube and moved on. This bugged me when I saw it, and I just stood there feeling really pretty damned irritated. I grumbled to myself as I fixed it, and started the descent into a good snit. Then I realized that this was a really stupid thing to be so mad about. I decided (no idea how the idea came to me, it just kinda… did) to think a few nice things about my wife. It totally improved my attitude, so I did it that night.

For years now, it has been my practice to take a minute every morning upon waking, and every night before bed, to think a few nice/happy/grateful things about my wife. Turns out, when a heart is filled with gratitude, there’s not much room for foolish resentment, and genuine disagreements are easier to work through.

We’ve been married over a decade now, and we’re still stupidly in love. They say not to take your spouse for granted, and that’s great advice. Deliberate and consistent gratitude is a great way to do that.

Source: Reddit

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