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Garbageman had no idea he’s being recorded by the dog’s owner.

Lily the Labrador has been waiting eagerly in the front yard for her closest friend to arrive every Friday for the past two years.

He’s dependable, treats her nicely, and his scheduling for their weekly playdate is flawless.

David is the garbage collector in the neighborhood!

Lily has always enjoyed “people watching” in the front yard of her Bedford, New Hampshire home. She enjoys lying in the grass, soaking up the sun, and watching people go by.

When she isn’t chasing squirrels up the tree, she probably wishes that somebody will come by and say “hello,” and perhaps even offer her a treat.

But, alas, no such luck! Nobody, not even the mailman, would offer her a nice head pat. Even the unwanted focus of a solicitor would have been appreciated at that moment.

Rather than waiting for somebody to notice her, Lily discovered how to bring a BFF into her life on her own!

Every Thursday night, the astute pooch noticed her folks bringing the garbage cans to the curb. The next day, Friday, a man with a truck will drive along and carry them away.

As a result, Lily developed the practice of waiting in the yard before the garbage collector arrived.

Obviously, David couldn’t avoid Lily’s stunning appearance and welcoming grin! She jumped up and down with delight at the appearance of him, and he was delighted to respond.

The astute young lady even trained him to sit and deliver her sweets on demand. David may have believed he was simply doing his job and cleaning up trash, but a floofy gem snuck into his life rather.

Their friendship has developed into the nicest thing, Lily’s owner, Ishaan Chatterjee, expressed. They really give their garbage collector holiday gifts every year to express their gratitude for how he respects Lily.

Posted by Ishaan Chatterjee on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Ishaan has been sharing TikTok videos of Lily and David’s incredible friendship, and fans can’t get enough of their remarkable bond.

Lily’s bond with David, as per Ishaan, is really special. Although Lily is in love with almost everyone she meets, he recognizes that her bond with David is unique. What could a dog want more from a best friend?

It’s not every day that you get to have fun at work. David is really fortunate!

Lily and David’s lovely bond may be seen in the video below.

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