Husband Asks Ex-Wife To Spend The Night At His House When She Rang Bell At 2AM.

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My son has a teddy that he takes everywhere with him and that he can’t sleep without. He left it at his dad’s house and when it was time for him to go to sleep he was inconsolable. It took me around 3 hours to get him to sleep and eventually he just passed out from exhaustion. Unfortunately, he woke up at 1am and the crying started all over again.

I had tried to call and text my ex multiple times to see if he could bring the teddy to our son from the time I noticed it was missing but he hadn’t responded so I decided to just go and get it because I couldn’t get him to calm down again.

When we got there, my ex was having a party. I asked him for the teddy and he told me I should’ve called him and he would’ve brought the teddy to us which really pissed me off because I had. He then suggested we stay at his place because he didn’t trust me to drive home since he thought I looked half-asleep. We ended up having an argument because I felt like he was being condescending and I made a jab about if he had cared enough about our son he would have answered the phone instead of getting drunk with his friends. Am I Wrong?

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