Gary Sinise Gives Wounded Veteran A Mortgage-Free, Adapted Smart Home.

To real life superheroes like Mr. Gary Sinise who selflessly help the veterans and people who really are in need. A true inspiration!

Gary Sinise, an Academy Award nominated actor, is one of the actors in Hollywood who goes out of his way to help veterans through this eponymous organization, the Gary Sinise Foundation. Sinise gave a mortgage free home to Josue Barron who lost one of his legs while fighting for the country in Afghanistan.

Josue Barron is a veteran from Temecula, California who was 17 when he joined the Marine Corps. Raised by a single mother, Josue felt the Marine Corps as his father. Josue was on his second deployment in Afghanistan when an IED bursted in which he lost his left leg and his left eye. In the wake of this terrible loss, Josue for his bravery received a Purple Heart.

Nevertheless, for him recovery was a long one. His wife and mother always supported him. His wife became his main support system. Josue started using a prosthetic leg which meant he was in pain continuously. Walking on prosthetics was being in pain daily so Josue decided to apply to the Gary Sinise Foundation hoping they would help. Josue was astonished when he got a call from Sinise himself.

He explained being in a home that is not easy to use has been a challenge for daily activities that are easy for normal people to do. When the entire house is accessible to him as he is in a wheelchair has truly changed his life.

Elizabeth Fields, CEO of the Gary Sinise Foundation explained that Barron’s home gifted to him was not only mortgage free but also 100% adapted. In her words, “They’re a lovely family, so deserving, he protected our freedom and this is our way to say thank you.”

Josue with his wife and three sons have moved into their home and are extremely happy and grateful. Josue has been so encouraged that he hand cycles 100 miles a week training for the next Invictus Games.

Sinise newly started The Gary Sinise Foundation Avalon Network for veterans, first responders and defenders who experience post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.

Sinise expressed through an email to Forbes that for him he feels it extremely vital that the military service members, first responders and their families know that they are loved and not forgotten and will always try to protect and support them.

A salute to Gary Sinise for helping the nation’s American heroes.

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