Mom Driving With Windows Down Hears Baby’s Cries Coming From A Ditch And Jumps Into Action.

If you can do one good deed a day then do it without hesitation and do it with love. Try to be a helping hand that may have never come if you ignored or walked away. By helping others we are making this world an amazing place to live in.

Gena Wilson of Illinois left her van running with her 3 month old son Ghyadi since she wanted to get something from the house and it would only take a few minutes to return. But on being back she experienced the worst nightmare for any parent.

Her driveway was empty. Her van was stolen with her baby inside it. Terrified and helpless she quickly contacted the police who acted fast by issuing an Amber Alert. Gena thought she would never find her baby.

🚩Found Safe 🚨AMBER ALERT🚨 Ghyadi Jaber (3 months old) Last seen Mar 26, 2021 in Alton, IL Vehicle: 2001 Chevrolet…

Posted by Attempt to Locate on Friday, 26 March 2021

However, when strangers Brittney Ford and her aunt Jenny Mawhee heard the news, they went out of their way to search for the missing child. Being cold outside Jenny and Brittney still kept the windows down of the car and drove hoping to find some clue or signs of the missing baby. And thankfully God gave them what they wanted.

Brittney slowed the car when they heard the cries of a baby. Brittney jumped out of the car and rushed toward the cries that were coming from the ditch on the road side. Her heart broke seeing the baby facedown in the ditch in the cold climate.

It seemed like the thief took off the van and later threw the little boy like garbage. Police predicted that the little boy must have been in the cold for nearly 3 hours in the ditch by himself. They immediately took Ghyadi to the hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and minor scratches and bruises.

Thanks to kind Samaritans Brittney Ford and Jenny Mawhee the missing baby was found at the right time. The mom was so grateful to the wonderful ladies who had their own family but still took their time out to find her child. It is because of their selfless act the little angel is safe and reunited with his family.

Brittney explained she did this since she would never want any mother to experience such a horrible thing. Kudos to these wonderful Samaritans who acted like angels.

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